Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AVOID:BF Utilities Ltd

Sir I have bought BF Utilities shares @ 725/- what is the future of this stock, ask by Ashok kulkarni ji.
1.BF Utilities Ltd is a 5 rupee face value electric utility company. 
2. Year high of BF Utilities Ltd is 490.10 and Year low 207.55 stock traded at 226, If a stock down more than 50% from year high than it is a negative sign for me. 
3. Promoters of BF Utilities Ltd hold 66.03% , this is quite good. 
4.BF Utilities Ltd not pay dividends in last years. 
5. Net revenue in last 4 quarter is 34.21 cr and if we divided it from number of share (Read my book for details of this fundamental targeting)then one year net sell per share is 9 only remember this is net sell not net profit so fundamental target for BF Utilities Ltd is very poor. 
6. My view is negative for BF Utilities Ltd, i have no any share of BF Utilities Ltd.

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