Saturday, July 27, 2013


Sir, What is your view on IOC? I am Holding 50 stocks @ Rs. 302. Can I buy more since its beaten down heavily. Thanks in advance ask by varshini 
1. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) is a 10-rupee face value oil marketing and distribution company. 
2. Year high and year low of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd are 375 and 216.45, which are normal. 
3. Promoters holding 78.92 % FII holding 1.95 % and DII holds 4.48 % all is normal. 
4. IOC traded below his 200 DMA so technically I think more downside is remain in this stock. 
5. The IOC is an index-based stock so when the index has performed then you may get your price again with some profits. So do not worry but I am not suggesting averaging it out because if you have fresh money then more than 2000 stocks available in the market so use your fresh money to diversify your portfolio like a shopkeeper. 
6. I have no any stock of IOC.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Dear Mahesh Ji, i am looking to invest my short part of income in share market, as i am very new to this market so please tell me that how much amount i should invest in initial stage and in which safe share i should invest to achieve a good return.? please help me ans reply me as soon as possible and obliged me. Thanking You, Manoj Vyas 
Dear Mahesh ji, I am regular reader of your blog. I want to invest 50000 Rs. in 4 to 5 share for 3 to 4 years. Which share you recommend to get high returns. Thank you in advance
Ask by Baswant Kumbhar1. This question is very hard because initial amount is vary from person to person for example my salary is 37000 per month so i can not feel uneasy if i invest 2500-5000 per month in stock market but my personal assistant salary is 4500 per month only so i suggested him to invest 500 per month only. 
2. Normally i think one could invest 1/10 part of his per month net income in stock market. 
3. As i recommended earlier that one could not put all of his money in a single stock, Buying in SIP method is best. 
4. At this time my top picks are 
Arvind Ltd 
First source solutions 
Gujrat sidhee cement 
Manali petro 
National plastic industries ltd 
5. Please visit my website for any new stock update generally i fix sunday for updating of my website

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Best stock advisory service.

Hi Kaushik, I am looking for people who are experts in analyzing shares in selling and buying. I have a busy schedule and I am not able to check for shares online throughout the day, hence it would be great if there were any organization that deals with provide expert advice such as CAPITAL VIA or HBJ CAPITAL. The reviews on the above 2 groups are really bad. It would be really greatful if you could provide the best advisory groups. Regards ask by JTC. 
JTC ji I am really sorry for so late reply your question.
I think no any stock advisory group is 100 % perfect and i always prefer to analyse a stock by self research,my past experiences say that people always lost money from paid share advisers because if paid stock advising service is 100 % perfect then they not sell tips to you they earn money from stock market 
So i requested to all of my blog readers that they analyse a stock by self research and once you satisfied from all of stock choosing criteria then it is unnecessary to check share online throughout the day.
I always recommended to avoid day trading short term trading and F&O trading in stock market. if you are new and want to learn winning theory in stock market then please buy and read my book for better understanding on stock choosing. 
For buying my book visit this link


Respected sir please advice me, i would like to ask to you about the andhra bank. Is it a good bank to purchase the shares or not. please advice thanking you sir ask by vijaya kumar. 
1. First of all i recommended to read my special view on banking sector which i publish on this blog when banking stocks traded on his all time highs. if you not read this special view then first read it at this link 
2.Now we discuss about andhra bank which is 10 rupee face value stock. 
3.Year high of andhra bank is 130 and year low 78.15, normal situation 
4. Promoters holding in andhra bank is 58 % FII hold 13.26% and DII 12.38 % , this is a normal pattern. 
5.Andra bank recommended 5 rupee per share dividend and ex dividend date for andhra bank is 15 July 2013. 
6.Overall every thing is OK but i think banking sector is still not bottoming out so you may see more lower levels in andhra bank so stock is not bad but buying is advisable only in SIP method , if we look at chart of andhra bank than we find andhra bank is traded below all of his DMAs so technically stock is in downtrend.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wockhardt Ltd:AVOID

Sir, Whatz your view on Wockhardt? Last week it has beaten down heavily. Can we buy this stock now for a long term investment. Thanks in advance Varshini 
1.Wockhardt Ltd is a  5 rupee face value PHARMACEUTICAL stock which is traded at 914 so in first incidence i think valuation of Wockhardt Ltd is very high. 
2. Year high for Wockhardt Ltd is 2166.05 and year low 880.15 stock traded at 914 which is near his year low so when a stock down more than 50 % within a year and traded near his year low then i think more downside is remain. 3.Promoters holding 73.54 % and they slightly reduce their holdings, reducing in promoter holding is also a negative sign. 
4.Net sells, net profits and dividends are also down in Wockhardt Ltd. 
5. So overall my view is negative for Wockhardt Ltd , i have no any share of Wockhardt Ltd.

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