Sunday, July 14, 2013

Best stock advisory service.

Hi Kaushik, I am looking for people who are experts in analyzing shares in selling and buying. I have a busy schedule and I am not able to check for shares online throughout the day, hence it would be great if there were any organization that deals with provide expert advice such as CAPITAL VIA or HBJ CAPITAL. The reviews on the above 2 groups are really bad. It would be really greatful if you could provide the best advisory groups. Regards ask by JTC. 
JTC ji I am really sorry for so late reply your question.
I think no any stock advisory group is 100 % perfect and i always prefer to analyse a stock by self research,my past experiences say that people always lost money from paid share advisers because if paid stock advising service is 100 % perfect then they not sell tips to you they earn money from stock market 
So i requested to all of my blog readers that they analyse a stock by self research and once you satisfied from all of stock choosing criteria then it is unnecessary to check share online throughout the day.
I always recommended to avoid day trading short term trading and F&O trading in stock market. if you are new and want to learn winning theory in stock market then please buy and read my book for better understanding on stock choosing. 
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