Wednesday, September 28, 2011


i would like to invest in GVK Power and Infrastructure. Please let me know your opinion on this company. Many thanks for you to answer some of my questions earlier. Thanks for this grate blog
sudheer raja.
1. sudheer ji , i already give my detail negative view about GVK POWER & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD at this link
CLICK HERE TO READ VIEW ON GVK POWER LTD you read my former view on GVK POWER this stock is down from 48 to 16.
3. my view is still negative for GVK POWER & INFRASTRUCTURE LTDstock and i think INFRA BEES is much better from GVK POWER & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.
4. read details of infrea bees at this link


Dear sir I am a new investor in share market now planning to make an investment of Rs 40000/- in long term. I plan invest equally on Muthoot finance since I aim for a multibager. I will hold these stocks for at least 1 year. Please provide me your views on them and if they are not good provide me other advices also. From Allwin
1. Respected allwain ji, MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD is a 10 rupee face value gold finance company.
2. My view is negative for gold I think bull market of gold is near about to his end and you wonder that my target for gold is 7800 in 2012-2015.
3. It is not a fake , market is always cyclic , in 2009 when reliance trade near 1500 than I already warn my blog readers for reliance fall read this story as proof:-
( This article give me  big popularity because after this article reliance ltd is down from 1500 to 765 and arvind ltd is up from 13 to 101 and mahindra and mahindra is go to 800 from 385 )

4. So suppose if gold price really fall as my target than who will repay his gold loan?? And that is the end of all gold finance companies.
5. Promoters holding of MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD is 80.12 % and FII holding 7.04% which are good.
6. Book value of MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD is 60.10 so stock is already traded at 2.3 time of book value.
7. One another rule that “I always avoid a new IPO for one year. And muthoot is a new stock. So this is not a value buying for me.
8. So overall my view is negative due to business model of company because they finance on behalf of gold and my view is bearish on gold commodity.
9. I have no any stock of MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


rajesh kumar said...
Sir now kamdhenu ispat at 14, how it looks to you
1. Kamdhenu ispat is my fancy stock like arvind ltd I think 2 stocks one “FIRST SOURCE SOLUTIONS LTD “ and second “KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD” is became multi bagger like arvind ltd.
2. Read my former view on kamdhenu ispat at this link
3. After the above article kamdhenu ispat touch his 52 week high 27.80 at 10 nov 2010.
4. KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD have 10 rupee face value , book value of kamdhenu ispat ltd is 38.68 , promoter holding 54.25% so stock is very very good.
5. I have no any stocks of KAMDHENU ISPAT LTD.


Anonymous said...
Sir I would like to know ur inputs on BLS Infotech
I know this is a penny stock by the reason I am considering because of high promoter holding
also the promoter have issued warrant at rs 1 (though they will buy at 0.25 paise)
Can i buy n hold it for a long term.
1. First of all I again request to my followers that please give your name in your questions.
2. Second thing..that my closed blog for penny stocks is started again and BLS infotech price is 0.30 only so I give details of your stock in my penny stocks blog so please visit this link for read fundamentals of BLS infotech.
3. So on base of above analysis my view is positive for BLS INFOTECH LTD ,I have no any stocks of BLS infotech ltd.
Key words:_LIC JEEVAN ANAND, penny stocks.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Respected reader,
As you knew every third Sunday of month I choose a fundamental strong stock which trade at very low valuation due to bad conditions of company and particular sector.
Rules of this portfolio making is
1. Invest only 4500 in a single stock.
2. Minimum holding at least 1 year because after one year profits are tax free.
3. Buy only one stock at a month.
4. Do not be average out if stock fall after buying just hold because our loss is only notional loss at paper only. Because we already buy stock at lower price where it may be test our patience but all companies all belong to BSE group A with strong fundamentals. (Shri atul ji ask me that can we average out MTNL REL COM VIDEOCON etc so my answer is NO, just buy new entry of this month)
4. After one year we can free to sell a stock but never sell in loss read shopkeeper approach in this link for deep understanding this point
and you knew discipline is always win in stock market, I think you remember my last 6 month buying is MTNL, REL COM, DB REALTY, VIDEOCON,INDIA BULLS REAL EASTATE, HDIL each of these stocks run 5-15 % after my buying but as per rules I do not book profit because 1 year is not complete.

Our past investment has a net notional loss of 4628.90 as per details below (read this detail carefully to understand my concept)

DB REALTY81.85564583.6

DB REALTY57.85563239.6



Company NameLast Price% ChgBook ValuePBV RatioYear
Reliance Comm81.9-3.02244.660.33Mar '10
DB Realty57.85-2.36137.820.42Mar '11
HDIL109.14.8225.970.48Mar '11
Piramal Health348.15-5.15699.630.5Mar '11
Indiabulls Real83.452.27159.20.52Mar '10
IFCI34.9-1.4164.240.54Mar '11
Videocon Indust175.3-1.02310.890.56Dec '10
Shipping Corp86.651.23136.050.64Mar '10
GE Shipping251.92.65361.420.7Mar '11
IndiaBPower14.7-0.0719.380.76Mar '10

So this month PIRAMAL HEALTH CARE @ 348 is a new entry for buying and as my formula I buy 13 stock of PIRAMAL HEALTH CARE .
·       Please do not be greedy and buy a huge quantity and then blame me.
·       This article is not an buying advice ask your financial adviser before follow my concepts.


Dear Mahesh ji what is ur view about 'NRB Bearings'?Thanx in advance-ROHIT BIST
1.NRB BEARINGS LTD is an auto parts company with 2 rupee face value.
2. book value of NRB BEARINGS LTD is 22.59 only. NRB BEARINGS LTD currantly traded at 44.
3.NRB BEARINGS LTD 52 week high 64.75 and low 40.10
4. promoters holding in NRB BEARINGS LTD is 73.15 % FII hold 7.88% DII hold 4.87% which are good because general public hold only 14 % stocks so i like stocks which have low general public holdings.
5.NRB BEARINGS LTD  traded below his 200 DMA so i think it is risky to buy it below 50 but if you already hold then please continue hold it , read technical view on NRB BEARINGS LTD  at
6. I  have no any stocks of NRB BEARINGS LTD .
7. use this link for asking your question on this blog
keywords:-lic plan, option tradng, daily free tips, ulip

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Mahesh ji,thank u for sharing your valuable thought with us. Please give your view on gail. I am holding 20 share@422. Please guide me. Thank you sir. From Narendra kumar,Amritsar
1.GAIL (INDIA) LTD is 10 rupee face value govt sector petroleum gas company.
2. oil and gas sector always effected by govt policies. this time election in India is away for 2 year but i think when election is near than govt again impose subsidy Burden to oil company.( this time only petrol is free from subsidy but LPG is continue get subsidy burden.
3. when you buy a share than you buy partial ownership of company so think like a business man , when you think on behalf of owner of a business than you realize that distribute profits on the mane of subsidy for political benefits is not good for a business.
4. GAIL (INDIA) LTD 52 week high is 535 and 52 week low 403.
5. promoter holding in Gail india ltd is 57.34 % and FII holding 12.91 % DII hold 25.76 % this is good.
6. but my view is negative due to low book value of stock , GAIL (INDIA) LTD book value is 151.78 and i think when election come than govt change his policy again in oil and gas sector than price of these company is fall badly.
7. so my view is avoid for GAIL (INDIA) LTD and i have no any stocks of GAIL (INDIA) LTD.
8. i clear that if i am in your side then i hold these stock with a stop loss of 403 and exit when stock cross 450 in any rally.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Dear Mahesh Kaushik,
Please share your views about Hindustan zinc ltd. Company.
1-HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD is a 2 rupee face value zink company.
2- HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD 52 week high is 155.25 and 52 week low 105.11 stock traded at 135 so this pattarn is good ( when stock not double from year low and not correct more than 50 % from year high is a safe pattern.)
3- promoter holding in HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD is 64.92 % so HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD have a good promoter holding but DII reduce there holding from 31.48 % in march 2011 to only 1.85 % in june 2011 which is a concern, why domestic fund sell this huge quantity to small investors?
4-i have a reply for this point that why domestic fund sell this huge quantity to small investors? This stock recently spilt from 10 rupee face value and give 1:1 bonus on 8 march 2011 so this is called equity dilution and stock normally lost his steam for 1-3 year after this type of dilution for more detail read my article on this link
5- HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD have a low book value of 53.33 so i think stock may availble near 60-70 in any market fall.
6. so my view is avoid for HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD, i have no any stock of hindusthan zink ltd .

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Polyplex corporation ltd :NEGATIVE

I was watching through Ur blog for few months and u were doing tremendous job really... Can u advise me whether my investment on polyplex corporation will be good or not for 3 yr investment purpose???Pls give me Ur advice!
Surya kamal
1. Polyplex corporation ltd is a 10 rupee face value chemical company.
2. Book value of Polyplex corporation ltd is 99.32 only and stock traded at 199 so I think it is not a value buying at this level.
3. 52 week high of Polyplex corporation ltd is 509.98 and my rule is “ ALWAYS AVOID A STOCK IF IT CORRECT MORE THAN 50 % WITHIN A YEAR”
4. PROMOTER HOLDING in Polyplex corporation ltd is 46.93 % and FII holding 5.36% which is normal.
5. In 2010 stock of Polyplex corporation ltd is traded near 900 this time we see many bulk deals in this stock.
6. So I think this is end of speculation story so my view is negative for Polyplex corporation ltd and I have no any stocks of Polyplex corporation ltd.
7. For asking your question please avoid direct mail to me and use this link HOW TO ASK A QUESTION ON THIS BLOG?

L&T finance holdings ltd.

I’m from Hyderabad.....I want invest every monthly 5000 in sip mode for 5 to 10 years please suggest one or two good stocks for me .
What about your view on l&t finance is good for sip?
1. Venkat ji , it is not safe to invest only 2 script for 5 year view I told one stock every month for real long term view so read this link for understand my idea of making a long term portfolio by investing 4500-5000 per month
2. L&T finance holdings ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock which listed at 12.08.11 so it is difficult for me to give my view for a new listing because my strict formula is “ALWAYS AVOID A NEW LISTED STOCK FOR ONE YEAR” because in 99 % case I see market give a real price for new listed stock in one year of listing.
3. For example standard charted bank ADR have a good fundamental but I advice my investor to avoid it for one year and I will be happy that price of listing is for standard charted ADR is near 120 and touch 134 but now available at 80 only. Same story will happen in coal India, reliance power etc.
4. L&T finance holdings ltd promoter holding 82.64% FII holding 2-62 % and DII holding 2.64 % so only few of stocks is available for general public so this is a positive point.
5. So my view is “ hold” but “avoid” fresh buying in L&T finance holdings ltd. I have no any stock of L&T finance holdings ltd.
6. currantly i think " first source solution " is top most undervalued stock and one couled start a SIP of 1000 per month for 2-3 year in first source solution ltd than it may be coming arvind ltd. ( in this blog i give same view about arvind ltd when it traded @ 12-13 and now stock give 800 % retrun in this market situation from price of 12-13 , but it is not sure that past performance will be repeated again, arvind ltd is in my personal holding so my intrest in included in this view.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd...promoter hold only 1.39 %

What is your opinion about Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd? I hold around 9000 shares and my average cost is Rs8/- Shall I continue to hold or switch to somme good stocks?
1. vinay ji i think you already read my 11 nov 2010 view on Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd if not read than please read it at this link
2. promoters again reduce there holding from 4.21 % to 1.39 % so now near about 99 % share hold by general public like you so i think this is still avoid for at least 2-3 year of time.
3. book value of Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd is 10.89 but due to low promoter holding it is avoid.
4. i have no any share of Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd.
5. for asking your question click here


Anonymous said...
Respected Mahesh sir,
I planned to invest in JAI BALAJI CORPORATION for 3 YRS prospective can u suggest ur views for that..I would be really pleased.thanks in advance.
1. please do not ask question in name of anonymous..i will be happy if asker provide his name.
2. i already give my view on jai bala ji industries at following link when this stock traded at 163 and i give a negative view for jai balaji industries ltd.
3. currant price of jai bala ji industries is 138 and book value of stock is 152.72 but do not attract to see low book value just remember that at 30 may 2008 this script ( code 590064 that time)Suspended due to penal reasons. my view is still negative and avoid for jai bala ji industries ltd ( code 532976 this time) i have no any stock of jai bala ji industries ltd.
key words:_stock tips f&o future and option day trading tips free stock recomandation target for nifty

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Dear Sir,
Please send Bank of Maharashtra Technical & Fundamental Details can buy this share long term means one year
1. BANK OF MAHARASHTRA is a 10 rupee face value govt sector bank which year high is 84 and year low 47 I think wait below 40 for fresh buying.
2. all banking stocks is weak now, this is market style I already warn of this blog when everybody say “bank is good... banking sector is good than I warn to avoid banking sector in this link
3. for long term no doubt govt sector is good if you buy then in a lower price but if your definition of long term is only 1 year than read my story on dr. pareek for this link to understand what long term means for me
4. promoters holding in BANK OF MAHARASHTRA are 79.24 %
5. BANK OF MAHARASHTRA gives near about 2 rupee dividends per year
6. Book value of BANK OF MAHARASHTRA is 61.02 so this is a value buy but I think wait below 40.
7. so my view is good if buy at range of 30-40, otherwise hold. I have no any stocks of BANK OF MAHARASHTRA.


Dear Sirs,
I am having 6000 shares of country club at an average price of
Rs.18.00. Now the share price has fallen to Rs.9.00. Please suggest more on this
Ramesh babu
1. COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD a 2 rupee face value hotel and resort company country club holidays is a world famous brand of hotels.
2. Book value of COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD is 77.01 which is very high so this stock have multibagger potentials .
3. Promoter holding in COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD is 52.13 % and promoters increase their holding from 49.69 % so this is good for stock.
4. COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD Recommended a Final Dividend of 5% i.e. Re. 0.10 each equity share of Rs. 2/- (Rupees Two Only) each fully paid - up equity share of the Company for the Financial Year 2010-11.
5. COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD have approved the Draft Scheme of Amalgamation of M/s. Amrutha Estates & Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad with M/s. Country Club (India) Ltd Hyderabad, as it would add substantial Shareholder value as the addition of the prime property results in a large increase in the Asset base of the Company.
this will also Consolidation under one umbrella to increase room inventory significantly.
6. COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD Approved the Shore Exchange Ratio at 37 new Shares of Rs. 2/- each of M/s. Country Club (India) Ltd for every 10 Shares of Rs. 2/- each of M/s. Amrutha Estates & Hospitality Pvt Ltd.
7. COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD Approved to raise funds by issue GDR / ADR / QIP / ECB / FCCB up to the tune of USD 150 Million.this point is negative but generally we see a speculative move before fund rising in a stock.
8. So my view is hold COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD for a target of 23+
9. I have no any share of COUNTRY CLUB (INDIA) LTD.

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