Thursday, September 15, 2011

Polyplex corporation ltd :NEGATIVE

I was watching through Ur blog for few months and u were doing tremendous job really... Can u advise me whether my investment on polyplex corporation will be good or not for 3 yr investment purpose???Pls give me Ur advice!
Surya kamal
1. Polyplex corporation ltd is a 10 rupee face value chemical company.
2. Book value of Polyplex corporation ltd is 99.32 only and stock traded at 199 so I think it is not a value buying at this level.
3. 52 week high of Polyplex corporation ltd is 509.98 and my rule is “ ALWAYS AVOID A STOCK IF IT CORRECT MORE THAN 50 % WITHIN A YEAR”
4. PROMOTER HOLDING in Polyplex corporation ltd is 46.93 % and FII holding 5.36% which is normal.
5. In 2010 stock of Polyplex corporation ltd is traded near 900 this time we see many bulk deals in this stock.
6. So I think this is end of speculation story so my view is negative for Polyplex corporation ltd and I have no any stocks of Polyplex corporation ltd.
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