Saturday, March 26, 2011


Respected readers,
Sharegenius blog is now one of top most blog about stock market honest information and education in very simple language. Today we have more than 300 regular e mail subscribers and near about 200 visitors per day for this blog. I am highly obliged to all of you for your love and faith on this free service.
In 25.03.2011 trading session we see reliance and Infosys both are show FRESH BREAKOUTS ABOVE 200 DMA (for more details on DMA click here) so I think our markets again enters in bullish zone. So I suggest you 2 policies for get maximum benefit from this rally (this is not an investment advice please read disclaimer before investing)
1. FOR TRADERS: - in my policy I always avoid trading for intraday and F&O. if you want to follow my trading strategy then buy only technical sound share in cash segment for delivery which show recent FRESH BREAKOUTS for example I advice to buy TECH MAHINRA in my 200dmagenius blog at 22 march 2011 @710 and now in 25 march 2011 it is touch 743.
But trading is always risky and some time breakouts policy also fails.
2. FOR INVESTOR:- this is the good policy buy group A good fundamentals company which traded below his book value and closed to book value.
4. Invest only 5000 in a share and hold for minimum 10 % profit then book your profit and shift a new share in this list.
5. unfortunately any share go down from your buying price then hold it because you buy good fundamentals A group company near his all time low price so less chance to heavy losses and holding may give you chance for profitable exit because you buy these share below his book value and A group share have good trading volume and good fundamental also.

                                                                                                                       MAHESH CHANDER KAUSHIK

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dear Sir
In course of Google search I came to your site.
I could not believe that such valuable advice are available free of cost on net. I saved the link on my desktop only to read and read it again. All the articles were so interesting. I could read all blogs from share market to cure of acne, sitica, bhut pret darshan, pyaz(onion) - eat interest not pricipal , share market technical analysis to mutual fund profit booking. Truly you are genius and master of all. Thanks & hat off.
I have recently entered into stock market though I am full time in govt service but do little investing. I have shares of Tata steel, Infosys, sbi, lichousing and few gold etf.
I want to learn more on stock investing & f&O.
Kindly let me know how your view abt Vaibhav gems, Hanung toys are, Unitech for short to medium terms.
Thanks & best regards
Ajit Kumar Singh

1.Respected ajit kumar singh ji thanks for appreciating my work.
2. I already give my view on vaibhav jems and unitech so read these links for read past view on vaibhav gems and unitech

3. For F&O please read this valuable article ( my advice and recommendation read this article carefully and follow it if you really want to win in stock market )

4. If you still interested in F&O ( my view is strictly negative for F&O and intraday known as investor killing tools ) then read this link for more details:-

5. Sorry if so many links irritate you but please sent only one question at a time to avoid this type of link base analysis.


Motilal oswal mutual fund launches a new ETF product name MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 ETF and my view is positive for this new ETF so read my complete view on MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 ETF in this link

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hitachi home & life solutions ltd

Respected Mahesh Sir.
I have invested in Hitachi Home & Life Solutions ( India ) Limited.
Three months ago and it didn't get any profit, but it makes me a loss.
I would like request you Mahesh Sir ji, i shall sell it off or else i
have to hold the stock. Please Please Please help me sir ji.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thanking You.
Vijay Kumar
1. Vijay kumar ji let us we discuss fundamentals of Hitachi home & life solutions but either you sell it off or hold this stock take your own decision base on this fundamentals.
2. Hitachi Home & Life Solutions ( India ) Limited is a 10 rupee face value consumer good company.
3. book value of Hitachi Home & Life Solutions ( India ) Limited is 63.87 so currant market price 188 is not to seems as a value price.
4. 52 week high of Hitachi Home & Life Solutions ( India ) Limited is 402 and 52 week low 170.15
5. December 2010 EPS is very low 0.23 only so Chance of convert in loss making company is very high.
6. promoters of Hitachi Home & Life Solutions ( India ) Limited hold 69.90 % stake and FII hold 0.24 % DII hold 5.06 % so share holding pattern is good.
7. so my view is neutral for Hitachi Home & Life Solutions ( India ) Limited.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dear Sir,
I have invested 5000 Rs in share market please send me
Midcap Share for long term for 6 Month
Animesh Shedge (Accounts)

1. Animesh shedge ji I tell you 10 A group specified shares which is fundamentally sounds but traded below his book value due to unfavorable conditions. But because of these high book values I think a share touch his book value surly in 6 year cycle. For example reliance communication ltd book value is 244.66 and share currently traded at 93 only so I think in coming one to six year this share traded near 250 ( so 6 month is not a long term below 1 year investment in shares always call short term investment which is risky and liable to pay 10 % income tax also )
2. So I think one could make 1000 rupee per month SIP in each share (for 1-2 year) in these 10 shares of good fundamental, low market price and higher book value.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Dear Kaushik Sir,
I am regular reader of your sharegenius blog.
Thanks your valuable views.
I am eagerly waiting for view on "ElectroSteel St".
Surya Kumar Samudrala

1. Respected surya kumar ji sorry for very late reply of your question but it is my limit that i receive many question per day and choose only few question for reply.
2. Electrosteel steels ltd book value is 10.20 and face value is 10 it is a iron company but in BSE it is showing under construction and engineering company so matter is doubtful and i think this is a risky counter.
3. Promoter holding is 34.40 % and FII reduce there holding from 7.90 % to 0.73 % so i think FII exit from this counter near it 52 week high 12.35 at 8 oct 2010.
4. Please do not confuse with electrosteel castings ltd this is a separate counter.
5. So in light of above points my view is negative for electrosteel steels ltd.
6. I have no any share of electrosteel steels ltd.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
Please give your view on deccan chronicle

1.DECCAN CHRONICLE HOLDINGS LTD is a 2 rupee face value publishing company.
2. promoter holding of DECCAN CHRONICLE HOLDINGS LTD is 63.37 % and I think you knew I always take higher promoter holding as a positive point.
3. DECCAN CHRONICLE HOLDINGS LTD have a continue dividend paying history and a member of BSE 500 index.
4. book value of deccan cronical is 51.67 so currant price 60 is not bad for fresh buy.

5.Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd Board of Directors has approved a Scheme of Amalgamation for merger of company's wholly owned subsidiaries viz., Deccan Chargers Sporting Ventures Ltd.; and Odyssey India Ltd. with itself under the provisions of Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956
6.. so my view is positive for deccan chronicle ltd. I have no any share of deccan chronicle ltd.


1. The net asset value of a company share called book value. It is the total value of the company's assets that shareholders would theoretically receive if a company was bankrupt and all the asset of company was liquidated.
2. Book value is calculated by total assets minus intangible assets (patents, goodwill) and liabilities. 
3. Book value is also known as "net book value (NBV)".
4. In the U.K., book value is known as "net asset value". (NAV)
5. If book value being compare to the company's market value, the book value can indicate whether a stock is under price or over price.
6. A ratio used to compare a stock's market value to its book value. It is calculate by dividing the current closing price of the stock by the latest quarter's book value per share.

Also known as the "price-equity ratio".

P/B is calculated as:

7. A lower P/B ratio could mean that the stock is undervalued. However, it could also mean that something is fundamentally wrong with the company. As with most ratios, be aware that this varies by industry.

8. We give a list of book value of top traded company’s of Indian share market in JAN 2011

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