Saturday, March 26, 2011


Respected readers,
Sharegenius blog is now one of top most blog about stock market honest information and education in very simple language. Today we have more than 300 regular e mail subscribers and near about 200 visitors per day for this blog. I am highly obliged to all of you for your love and faith on this free service.
In 25.03.2011 trading session we see reliance and Infosys both are show FRESH BREAKOUTS ABOVE 200 DMA (for more details on DMA click here) so I think our markets again enters in bullish zone. So I suggest you 2 policies for get maximum benefit from this rally (this is not an investment advice please read disclaimer before investing)
1. FOR TRADERS: - in my policy I always avoid trading for intraday and F&O. if you want to follow my trading strategy then buy only technical sound share in cash segment for delivery which show recent FRESH BREAKOUTS for example I advice to buy TECH MAHINRA in my 200dmagenius blog at 22 march 2011 @710 and now in 25 march 2011 it is touch 743.
But trading is always risky and some time breakouts policy also fails.
2. FOR INVESTOR:- this is the good policy buy group A good fundamentals company which traded below his book value and closed to book value.
4. Invest only 5000 in a share and hold for minimum 10 % profit then book your profit and shift a new share in this list.
5. unfortunately any share go down from your buying price then hold it because you buy good fundamentals A group company near his all time low price so less chance to heavy losses and holding may give you chance for profitable exit because you buy these share below his book value and A group share have good trading volume and good fundamental also.

                                                                                                                       MAHESH CHANDER KAUSHIK

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