Sunday, December 25, 2011


Namaskar, Sir I'm ragular reader of your blog for a long time and many times I get benefited from your advice. Thanks for such a valuable advice.Now I have a problem Please suggest best way to solve it. I have 10 years old daughter and I worry about her merriage. when she become approx 21 that time I need minimum Rs. 15,000,00/ and 10 tole Gold (Approx 100Gm) Please suggest me where & how much I invest per month so that I get Rs. 15,000,00/ after 11 year's and for Gold how can I buy regularly basis. I avoid gold in physical form due to security.Regards!Manoj Yadav,Uttrakhand.
1. manoj ji , i think  TIP ( target investment plan ) in HDFC TOP 200 fund is best for you.
2. You need 15,00,000 cash and 100 GM gold after 11 year ok , i assume that after 11 year gold price is 50,000 per 10 gm ( please note my view is negative for gold and my target is 8000 per 10 gm but i calculate it 50,000 per 10 gm only for your satisfaction because this time nobody agree with my target of 8000 per 10 gm but i am 90% sure that this will be happen in future).
3. so your total need 15,00,000+5,00,000=20,00,000 after 11 year means 132 months.
4. And we calculate a average return of 15 % per year , do not worry TIP is automatic increase your monthly installment if average return is down and automatic reduce monthly installment if average return is up.
5. so you need to start a TIP in HDFC TOP 200 for minimum 6000 per month and maximum 7500 per month , for more details on TIP read my article and icici direct TIP detail at following link
6. if you think that calculation of gold in assuming price is not a good idea for you than you may consider a SIP of 1000 per month in any of gold ETF ( gold ETF is traded like a share and price of a gold ETF unit is change on behalf of gold price.).

Thursday, December 22, 2011


hello sir,
can u give dividend yelding stocks which are fundamentally strong , atleast 2 in every sector.
thank u
best regards
1. sampath ji i am not agree with your stock choosing criteria because dividend yield is not a fix criteria. dividend yield may be variable from time to time so i nevar choose a stock on dividend yield.
2. but as your demand  i give you a direct link from moneycontrol site where you find top dividend paying stocks with dividend history the link is given below

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hi Mahesh ji,
Appreciated your help to small investor like me. could you please tell me your views on stock sintex industries.
1. SINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD is a one rupee face value stock , so i think due to low face value CMP of stock is still high.
2. year high of SINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD is 195 and year low 61.50
3. promoters holding 34.96 % in SINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD and FII hold 38.17 % and if FII continue sell there stocks i think more downside will remain in this SINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD.
4. stocks down with volume in last some trading sessions so i think you will avoid this stock due to low face value , downtrend with high volume . but book value of SINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD is 79.60 so you may start fresh buying below 40 if available.
5. i have no any stock of SINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD.


 dear sir, i hold some 350 shares
of suzlon, which were bought
@rs. 58.00. currently the
market price has come down to
rs.23.Is this the right time to
buy shares of suzlon ,so as to average my purchase price? Or
should i wait for some more
time. I would also like to know
the names of some good shares
which are currently available in
its lowest price. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

1. SUZLON energy is 2 rupees face value share.
2. Promoter holding in suzlon is 54.84% which they increase from 53.08 percent so this is very good point. FII holding 12.33 % which they increase from 9.42 percent so i think both are good points and do not worry from currant downtrend .
3. Book value of suzlon is 38.11 currently suzlon is a loss making company but I think it turn around in next 2-3 years company will turn arround and than investor wonder that how this stock trade below 20?
4. Suzlon enters Joint Venture with Volkswind to develop wind energy market in Bulgaria"and recently Suzlon Group wins 35 MW UK Contracts also , revenue of company is also in uptrend.
5. So suzlon is not a bad company but do not rush to buy all quantity at once because share may accumulate for at least 1 year so again remember you my sip method partly buy only in SIP or every dip.
6. My holding is 0 in SUZLON. ( actually i make my home and i want to avoid home loan so  i sell most of my stocks , only Arvind ltd is remain in my portfolio) for avoid home loan.
7. you may also read my former article about suzlon in this link
8. Fundamentally suzlon have no problem and I think after a long sideways movement this share give a good benefit.
9. some of other good stocks to buy for long term

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Anonymous said...
I want to put in a lump sum amount into a stock named JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES. Please advise me whether it would be wise of me to invest my hard earned money in this scrip.
1.JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD is a 1 rupee face value edible oil company.
2. like K.S oil , i think speculations in edible oil stocks is over because year high of JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD is 45.80 and year low 14.53 and i think you remember my simple formula that avoid a stock which show more than 50 % correction within a year.
3.promoter holding in JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD is 49.51 % and FII holding 17.52% which is good.
4. but JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD book value is 17.37.
5.JVL Agro Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has acquired 500 Acres of land in Bihar for further
agro-related up gradation activities, as part of its plan to enter into other commodities in which the Company can leverage its existing sales and distribution network. This will further strengthen the position of the Company in the market.
6. overall i think please protect your hard earn money from this type of stock because there are other choice available in market , i have no any stock of JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD.


mlvk said...
Dear Mahesh sir, please share your opinion on jai corporation. It has good Fii and promoter holding and low debt company. planning to invest and hold for next 2-3 years. let me know if its good to invest now.

1. JAI CORP LTD is an iron and steel company but face value of JAI CORP LTD is only 1 rupee so i think CMP 74 is very high ( in comparison of 10 rupee face value stock it is 740).
2. Book value of JAI CORP LTD is 153.08 so this is a good point.
3. Promoter holding in JAI CORP LTD is 72.99 % which is good.
4.But year high of JAI CORP LTD is 229.25 year low 67.95 and when a stock correct more than 50 % within a year than my formula is "avoid this type of stock for next one year"
5. So all other things is positive but i think you may wait one more year for fresh buying, i have no any stocks of JAI CORP LTD.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Anonymous said...
Dear Mahesh Kaushik Ji,
Please give your opinion on KS oils at current rate. I want to buy it in SIP method for next 3 years.
1.  K.S.OILS LTD is a one rupee face value share so i think face value of stock is low than other 10 rupee face value stocks.
2.if we change currant market price 7 in compare of any 10 rupee face value stock than it is 70 and i think price of stock is very high.
3. book value of K.S.OILS LTD is 32.51
4. year high of K.S.OILS LTD is 49.80 and year low 6.55
5. promoter continue dilute there holding from 36.32 % to 30.72 % and now it is 9.10% only, i think you knew that i not like continue reducing promoters holding of a stock.
6. K S OIL is an Indonext Scrip. for more detail about indonext script read article  about vinati organics on this link
7. overall my view is strictly negative for ks oil ltd. in this blog i continue publish strict AVOID advice on this stock since price of 63 and market show that i am right and stock come in to 6.96 only but i still say AVOID .
key words:- LIC PLANS ,target of ks oil long term target of ks oil CAPITAL GROWTH, EARN FROM STOCKS, FUTURE AND OPTION


S S GB said...
What is your opinion on RS Software?
1. R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD is a 10 rupee face value IT Company.
2. Book value of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD is 41.83 and stock traded at 50.
3. Promoter of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD hold 29.47 % stocks and promoter holding is increase from 28.62 %.
4. In price range of 60-48 many bulk deals happen in this stock so this is a negative point in my criteria because after these types of bulk deals we see downtrend in a stock and it is a sign of big speculation which is danger for small investors.
5. So my view is negative for R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD I think you may wait at least 12 months before enter in R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD.
6. I have no any stock of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

JM Small and Mid-Cap Fund

Hi Mahesh Ji,
Please provide your view on
JM Small and Mid-Cap Fund
Do you suggest any small or mid cap fund for long term?
shreenivas ji , your question is related with mutual funds and i have a separate blog for ETF and mutual fund name MUTUAL FUND GENIUS so i give your reply on this blog at following link so please read


Mahesh ji well i am holding CONFIDENCE PETROLEUM INDIA LTD. (BSE CODE 526829)35000 shares @12/- avg now stock traded at 8.50 what to do exit or buy here more please advice me

 1.Confidence petroleum is B group scrip with 1 rupees face value.
2.Scrip code of confidence petro is 526829.
3.Confidence Petroleum India Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has received Orders from Hon'ble High Court of Judicature, Mumbai Bench for amalgamation of (i) Maharashtra Cylinders Pvt Ltd (ii) Khara Gas Equipments Pvt Ltd & (iii) Hans Gas Appliances Pvt Ltd with the Company.
4.Promoter holding is 46.32 percent in confidence petroleum and they increase it from 45.91 % so i think this is positive point
5.I think in current price 6.18 is not a low price because face value of stock is only 1 rupee. value of confidence petro is 8.28 so i think this time this is a value pick.
7.just one year ago i give my negative view on confidence petro in this blog and after that stock correct from 23 to 6.18 so this time my view is positive for confidence petro due to increasing promoter holding and good book value.
8. your favorite blog sharegenius is now available at a new digital look , if you are e mail subscriber visit this link for new look of blog

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