Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Anonymous said...
I want to put in a lump sum amount into a stock named JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES. Please advise me whether it would be wise of me to invest my hard earned money in this scrip.
1.JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD is a 1 rupee face value edible oil company.
2. like K.S oil , i think speculations in edible oil stocks is over because year high of JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD is 45.80 and year low 14.53 and i think you remember my simple formula that avoid a stock which show more than 50 % correction within a year.
3.promoter holding in JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD is 49.51 % and FII holding 17.52% which is good.
4. but JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD book value is 17.37.
5.JVL Agro Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has acquired 500 Acres of land in Bihar for further
agro-related up gradation activities, as part of its plan to enter into other commodities in which the Company can leverage its existing sales and distribution network. This will further strengthen the position of the Company in the market.
6. overall i think please protect your hard earn money from this type of stock because there are other choice available in market , i have no any stock of JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD.

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