Sunday, December 4, 2011


S S GB said...
What is your opinion on RS Software?
1. R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD is a 10 rupee face value IT Company.
2. Book value of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD is 41.83 and stock traded at 50.
3. Promoter of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD hold 29.47 % stocks and promoter holding is increase from 28.62 %.
4. In price range of 60-48 many bulk deals happen in this stock so this is a negative point in my criteria because after these types of bulk deals we see downtrend in a stock and it is a sign of big speculation which is danger for small investors.
5. So my view is negative for R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD I think you may wait at least 12 months before enter in R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD.
6. I have no any stock of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD.

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