Sunday, December 18, 2011


 dear sir, i hold some 350 shares
of suzlon, which were bought
@rs. 58.00. currently the
market price has come down to
rs.23.Is this the right time to
buy shares of suzlon ,so as to average my purchase price? Or
should i wait for some more
time. I would also like to know
the names of some good shares
which are currently available in
its lowest price. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

1. SUZLON energy is 2 rupees face value share.
2. Promoter holding in suzlon is 54.84% which they increase from 53.08 percent so this is very good point. FII holding 12.33 % which they increase from 9.42 percent so i think both are good points and do not worry from currant downtrend .
3. Book value of suzlon is 38.11 currently suzlon is a loss making company but I think it turn around in next 2-3 years company will turn arround and than investor wonder that how this stock trade below 20?
4. Suzlon enters Joint Venture with Volkswind to develop wind energy market in Bulgaria"and recently Suzlon Group wins 35 MW UK Contracts also , revenue of company is also in uptrend.
5. So suzlon is not a bad company but do not rush to buy all quantity at once because share may accumulate for at least 1 year so again remember you my sip method partly buy only in SIP or every dip.
6. My holding is 0 in SUZLON. ( actually i make my home and i want to avoid home loan so  i sell most of my stocks , only Arvind ltd is remain in my portfolio) for avoid home loan.
7. you may also read my former article about suzlon in this link
8. Fundamentally suzlon have no problem and I think after a long sideways movement this share give a good benefit.
9. some of other good stocks to buy for long term


  1. Mahesh Ji,

    I was looking for Aravind in ICICIDirect. But i couldnt find the stock code in ICICI

  2. rajiv ji
    it is arvind ltd bse code 500101 not aravind
    icici direct code is ARVMIL

  3. Promoters offloading there shares in arvind after they accumulated shares in 2010 December.And they have a debt of 1800Cr and assets of 1490.4Cr.They don't have a consistent earning record for last 5 years,and they don't giveing dividend after 2006.There row materials price is highly volatile.They allotting shares without concerning
    shareholders value.In sep2009 they have 226,477,541 shares/in sep2010-234,980,041shares/in sep2011-251,021,759 shares.This is not a good companies characteristics.In Last two quarters they show better profit numbers.But buying at 71Rs is not good for trading purpose also.Below 35Rs it making some sense.

  4. idiotic investor ji
    thanks for share your view with us but sorry to say that i am not agree with you because increasing in promoters holding is a good factor for any stock.
    and arvind ltd is a fastest growing company. they not give any dividends because they want to repay there debts.


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