Thursday, September 30, 2010


dear Mahesh ji
please refer me @ oswal chemical & fertilizers ltd stock in details
thank youRegards,Bhupendra Patel,Umiya cement steel corporation, Visnagar
1. Oswal chemical and fertilizer ltd share is currently traded only at NSE and NSE code for this script is BINDALAGRO
2. Oswal chemical and fertilizer ltd is a 10 rupee face value fertilizer company.
3. Promoter holding of oswal chemical and fertilizer is 59.8 %
4. Book value of oswal chemical is 72.16 SO CURRANT PRICE 16.95 IS DEFINATLY A VALUE BUY
5. Visit company website at
6. so in light of above points my view is positive for oswal chemical and fertilizer for long term because company have high book value but currently EPS of company only 0.51 so share traded high P/E of 33 it is more safe to buy it below 15 if available
key wordss:- multi bagger penny stocks

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Respected sir,
I have 300 shares in JMC Project bought price at RS. 220
I am a short term investor (1 month), in this situation hold or sell for this stock, please reply me as soon as possible thanking u sir ask by SHRI SUDHAKAR M
1. JMC PROJECTS (INDIA) LTD is a 10 rupee face value Construction & Engineering company with BSE S group.
2. I wonder to see that 52 week high of JMC projects ltd is 239.50 and you just trap out near 52 week high.
3. Book value of JMC PROJECTS INDIA LTD is 115.19 and 52 week low is 132
4. Promoter holding in JMC PROJECTS (INDIA) LTD is 55.64 % and FII holding 7.33 % which is good shareholding pattern.
5. I think this is a good company but your buying price is wrong and for very short term I think there is no chance to regain your buying price so it is good to just hold and wait for long period.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi Mahesh,
Thanks a lot for your reply on mirc-electronics, please also let me know abt
I have brought 500 shares of ind-swift @ 45 per share
Please advice, should I hold or book loss???

1. Ind swift ltd is a pharma stock with 2 rupee face value.
2. Book value of Ind swift is 55.59 so share traded below his book value. But 49 is 52 week high for indo swift and 25 is 52 week low.
3. FY 09-10 EPS of Ind swift is 9.64 so share traded at P/E of 5 only so I think share traded at genuine valuation no need to worry in this condition.
4. Share holding pattern for Ind swift is
Promoter 41.76
FII 1.80
DII 2.57
5. IND SWIFT is only formulation division of company and Ind swift labs ltd is a separate company.
6. my view is neutral on indo swift because company share looking good and below book value but not like pharma counter on this time because I think currant rally is lead by banking pharma and auto counters and when correction is come then these three sector is beaten down badly and then these sector underperforms market at least for 2-3 years. but this share may hold for 46+


Hi Mahesh,
I would like your thoughts on Resurgere Mines & Minerals India Ltd. Is it good for long term investment.
I do not mind waiting for a year to receive profits. Any research on this is much appreciated.
Another stock I have an eye on is MIC Electronics which you bloged on January 26, 2010.. What do recommend I do with this stock?
1. Resurgere mines and minerals ltd is a 1 rupee face value mining company currently traded at 2.25.
2. 52 week high of resurgere mines is 5.12 and 52 week low is 2.13.
3. EPS of resurgere mines and minerals is 0.19 so share traded at P/E of 13.42.
4. promoter holding 26.81 % in June 2010 and in December 2010 promoter holds 56.17 % so promoter dilute there holdings and this is always negative for company.
5. I think this company never gives dividends (not sure) AND THIS SHARE SPILT RECENTALY so after a spilt share enter in sidways movement for some time.
6. Book value of resurgere mines and minerals ltd is 2.33
7. Operators active in this scripts and huge quantity bulk deals shown in resurgere mines and minerals ltd.
8. Board of Directors of the Resurgere Mines & Minerals India Ltd at its meeting held on August 26, 2010, inter alia, have decided to convert the 6500000 warrants into equal number of equity shares and allotted 6500000 equity shares in the Company.
9. RESURGERE MINES AND MINERALS LTD 52.26 % share hold by bank of newyork Mellon as depositary receipts against GDR it wills also o dilute equity. I think you remember my articles about cals refinery if not read then read it on
10. Overall I am sorry to say that I unlike RESURGERE MINES and think avoid this share. I am not authenticated to give any advice.
11. I have no any share of resurgere mines and minerals ltd.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I hold "RNRL" 50 SHARE @39. This share Purchase last month
what is future price of this share
Animesh Shedge

hi sir,
i want to purchase ispat industries share and RNRL. Pls advise is it ok to purchase in this value for one year. Pls suggest ask by manish tayal

1. RNRL decalare merger with R POWER at swap ratio of 4:1 means every 4 share of RNRL you allotted 1 share of R power. So we discuss about R POWER instead of RNRL.
2. Reliance infrastructure is formally known as reliance energy and reliance energy is basic promoter company of r power.
3. this is the style of corporate that when they want to execute any new projects they create a new company for it because in new company they easily collect fresh money from IPO etc or get tax benefits in the name of new company remember the story of r petro and reliance they create r petro 2 times and both the time r petro merge with reliance (if you are knew investor then I told you that about 1991 reliance create r petro and in 2002 it merge with reliance read full story at following link ).
4. so I think when projects of R Power executes then it merge with Reliance infrastructure but before this merging a speculation story in this stock is happen like R PETRO I remind you this story that when R PETRO is traded 60-66 range in 1-2 years most of investor get out from it and then it break out 70. after this break out within the 6 months it touch 270 so I think same story will be happen in r power and this is test of patience only.
5. currently R POWER is trading in range of 130-178 so all week hands (small players) get out from it when they see price above 200 but I think when this break out happen and hold for some trading session R power touch 500+ .
6. So I think continue hold your R POWER for 1 -2 year and when price of 500+ is seen sell it .

Discloser :- I personally hold 10 share of R POWER .so my personal interest is included in this company.

key words tips buy sell target of reliance power r pow r power in next 1 2 3 4 5 year

Sunday, September 19, 2010


what is future price of this share (Mai 1 saal tak wait kar sakta hu.)
Animesh Shedge.
Dear investor,
1-Birla power stock spilt out from 10 rupees face value to 1 rupee at 24.04.2009.
2-Birla power is an electric equipment company not a power distribution or making company like reliance power or tata power or NTPC so please do not confuse from it name. Birla power is make generator invertors pump set etc. birla Yamaha geneset is a premium product of company.
3- As I describe in point 2. Birla power is not a power sector company and not gets advantage of market fancy sector “power” in coming rally.
4-face value of birla power share is 1.
5 - Book value of birla power share is 2.66
6- Birla power EPS is only 0.03 per share. i wonder to see that company recomanded dividend 0.075 per share.
7- Sector of inverter is leaded my Luminas, microtec etc so it is a market performer only.
8-we are not bullish in birla power but it is a good trading stock because of it low value .
9- board of birla power ltd :-
Recommended payment of dividend at the rate of 7.5 percent (i.e. Rs. 0.075 per share) for the financial year ended March 31, 2010 on the existing paid up capital.

Approved, subject to the approval of the shareholders in the ensuing annual General Meeting, issue of bonus shares at the rate of one fully paid bonus share of Re. 1/- each for every five existing shares of Re. 1/- each by capitalizing permissible reserves standing in credit in reserves as at March 31, 2010, to those shareholders standing in the Register of Members on a record date to be fixed by the Board.

Approved, subject to the approval of shareholders, increase in authorized capital from Rs. 300 crores to Rs. 425/- crores by creation of additional 125 crores equity shares of Re. 1/- each.
10-Birla power share holding pattern is also interesting for you .promoters of birla power hold only 10.02 percent and FII hold nil percent and general public like you and me hold 89.22 percent it is not a good sign.
11-let us see birla power price data since 1990 you see that it always a sluggish share in last 20 year

Yearly High Lows
1990 32.00 6.50
1991 32.50 7.00
1992 80.00 18.00
1993 26.00 6.50
1994 55.00 14.00
1995 42.50 20.00
1996 95.00 25.00
1997 86.00 47.50
1998 58.00 18.00
1999 64.00 22.85
2000 45.00 18.20
2001 22.65 9.25
2002 28.15 12.50
2003 37.50 11.40
2004 35.45 13.30
2005 73.25 19.55
2006 66.15 17.70
2007 91.70 25.50
2008 74.00 8.19
2009 17.27 1.63
2010 4.36 2.03
12- So our view that in an investment views birla power is not a good company to invest but in intra day, trading it is a good trading stock. If you want to invest in power sector (not electric equipment sector) our pick is RELIANCE power (discloser: - I hold 10 share of reliance power and nil share of birla power).

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi Mahesh,
I have been following ur blog for quite some time now…
I have 500 shares of mirc-electronics@ 30rs per share
Please advice, should I hold or book loss???

1. MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD is a 1 rupee face value share year low of this share is 15 and year high 30.30, I think you just trapped at year high and after this 20 % fall from year high I think this share am week now.
2. Promoter holding 55.11 % and FII holding 4.67 % is a good sign.
3. book value of this share is 18.04 I always advice my investor that they check share book value before buying.
4. mirc electronics is a dividend paying company; this is the dividend history of company
14/06/2010 Dividend - Rs. 0.95
11/08/2009 Dividend - Rs. 0.40
23/06/2008 Final Dividend - Rs. 1.00
26/03/2007 Interim Dividend - Rs. 0.75
20/09/2006 Dividend - Rs. 0.75
5. this is a reputed company for brand name of onida so I think if you hold it with patience then one day you get your price back.

Monday, September 13, 2010


please tell your views on sun TV as I bought 50share @505 rs per share based on endhiran movie release as it gona be huge it in entire world because of brand rajini , shankar , raheman & dayanidhi maran-ask by shri nivesh dallu
1. SUN TV network ltd is a Broadcasting & Cable TV company with 5 rupee face value; sun TV network ltd is also included in BSE200 index and BSE group A.
2. FY 09-10 EPS pf SUN TV NETWORK LTD is 14.40 so in currant price 510 shares traded at P/E of 35. Very high P/E I think below 280 is suitable price for this stock if we consider right P/E near 20.
3. promoter holding is 77 % FII holding 8.39 % DII holding 4.29 %in sun TV network ltd and this is the main reason for it high valuations. Because general public hold low quantity of this stock and have low free float quantity.
. Sun TV limited is a dividend paying company and dividend history of this company is
24/07/2010 Final Dividend 6.00
29/01/2010 Interim Dividend 1.50
22/08/2009 Final Dividend 1.00
03/02/2009 Interim Dividend 1.50
14/08/2008 Dividend 2.50
5. So overall I think sun TV network ltd is a good company but good long term buying price for this share is below 300 so wait any market fall or bad news for making a fresh investment
6. I have n o any share of sun TV network ltd.
ey wotds:- buy sell hold sun tv share market f&o intraday trading online tip multibagger


Dear Sir
You are a very great man, i read your blogs in last 60 day.
Mere Pass
Rajiv Gupta
Himachal Pradesh
1. Superhouse ltd is a footwear company face value of superhouse share is 10 rupee.
2. FY 09-10 EPS of superhouse is 13.31 so share traded at P/E of 5 only.
3. book value of superhouse is 101.85 and currant market price is 64 so share is a value buy
4. superhouse ltd also declare dividend of 12 % means 1.20 rupee dividend per share so if you hold your share till record date for dividend ( recorded date for 12 % dividend of superhouse ltd is 14 September 2010 ) then you receive dividend of 1.20*500=600 rupee.
5. Promoter holding in superhouse ltd is 54.50 %
6. So overall my view is positive for superhouse ltd.
7. I have no any share of superhouse ltd.
key words:- intra day stocks tips free f&o tips mulgi bagger tips

Sunday, September 12, 2010

TTML (tata tele services ltd maharastra)

hi Mahesh ji, what do u think about tata teleservices maharastra it is trading at a p\e of 15 with good margins.It has a consistent dividend paying record and it has no negative earnings for last 5 years.It has got plans to foray into energy sector.Please share ur views. ASK SAHIL MASHUR
1. TTML is a A group[ company with 10 rupee face value.
2. TTML is also a part of BSE 200 index.
3. 52 week high of TTML is 37 and 52 week low is 18.65
4. TTML promoter holding 77.72 %
5. I think you are some confuse with tata teleservices maharastra and tata telecom ltd because TTML never give dividends. This company is first time enter in littile profit in last 5 year
EPS of TTML (tata tale service maharastra) is -0.66 in 2009 but do not worry it is continue in uptrend last four year EPS of TTML is
-1.72 in 2008
-3.56 in 2007
-3.54 in 2006
-1.92 in 2005
6 - Book value of TTML share is -3.51 rupees. It is not a good sign
7. This company have a good promoter holding good management and good resulet but negative book value so I think this is a good company but not so extited to buy it at currant leval if any fall it available at 19 then it is a good long term investment or if it run above 30 then book profit.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi MaheshJi,
I saw your blog and the way you answered the queries a became fan of yours. I have bought Thomas Cook @69.05 after having a word with my favorite fundamental analyst Rajesh TambeJi (comes on ZEE Business).
Now I am looking for your suggestion on this.
Your Admirer and Big Follower

1. Thomas cook (India) ltd is a Travel Support Services company with 1 rupee face value. Remember face value of this share is only1 means if we compare currant market price 73 to any 10 rupee face value share then it is 730 so share is not so cheap in currant price.
2. FY 09-10 EPS of Thomas cook (India) ltd is only 1.06 it means at currant price 73 share traded at P/E of 70. (You pay 70 year earning per share advance for buy a share).
3. Book value of Thomas cook (India) ltd is 11.90 only and share traded at 6.20 time higher to his book value.
4. at 18 aug 2010 and 19 aug 2010 bulk deal of selling 95,00,000 share of Thomas cook is happen ( however 2 bulk deal of buying 54,34,227 share also done but over all selling side is heavy).
5. Promoter holding in Thomas cook is 77.23 % is only one positive factor which I found in Thomas cook (India) ltd.
6. So my view is negative for this stocks and thinks right buying price for this share is below 40-50 only. It is my view and it may be wrong.BECAUSE SOMETIME SHARE RUN ON MARKET MOVEMENT NOT ON FUNDAMENTAL
7. Thomas cook is not in my personal holding.
Key words: - target for Thomas cook buy sell hold F&O tips


Dear mahesh ji,
I want your valuable advice on buying the
Mansi finance

1. MANSI finance is a T group share with 10 rupee face value this is a former penny share at oct 2009 this share is traded at 3 rupee only and now today mansi finance make his year high 22.
2. Now position of mansi finance is strictly against in my penny share trading rules because I like to catch penny share when they traded there worst price and try to get return from him. Read details and past performance of my penny share trading system on this link
3. I wonder to see MANSI finance EPS of FY 09-10 is 3.47 in march 2010 MANSI finance earn 3.35 EPS which is greater then EPS of arvind ltd which price is 45, so I try to locate real fact and see march 2010 detail results of mansi finance. I found that net sell in this quarter is 0.26 cr but company report other income 1.14 cr which is 4 time to net sells.
4. Promoter holding 50.67 % in mansi finance.
5. Book value of manic finance is not available.
6. So overall my view is negative for MANSI finance.
7. T group share have low free float quantity so price is easily speculate if some players hold large quantity.
8. I have no any share of MANSI finance ltd.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Respected Mahesh JI,
I was just going through Ur list of long term stocks I was interested to know about Ur view on Pharma stocks such as Alembic, JB chemicals, IPCA lab and Marksans Pharma.Since I feel Pharma as a sector should be very much included in our portfolio.

1. Tiger ji I think PHARMA is not a right choice this time because when infrastructure share like HCC, PUNJ LLOYED, JP ASSOSIATE , PRAJ INDUSTRIES show rally then pharma sector share show a sideways movement and downtrend , so that is the right time when one could buy in pharma sector.
2. But I analyze all of your pharma companies for choosing best choice in these companies.
3. Alembic face value is 2 rupee promoter holding 63.48% and FII holding 8.20% book value 23.65 and CMP is 61 FY09-10 EPS nil
4. JB chemicals face value is 2 rupee promoter holding 55.54% and FII holding1.22 % book value 72.68 and CMP is 109.75 FY09-10 EPS 11.98
5. IPCA lab face value is 2 rupee promoter holding 46.22% and FII holding 6.48 % book value 69.86 and CMP is 288 FY09-10 EPS16.75
6. Marksans pharma face value is 1 rupee promoter holding 48.39% book value 4.41 and CMP is 4.50 FY09-10 EPS 0.11
7. so in my criteria no any pharma company look best choice at currant market price but in above 4 pharma companies I think IPCA LAB is better choice if available below 200 in any fall and marksans pharma at CMP, read my former article on marksons pharma in this link
8. Alembic JB chemicals IPCA and marksans pharma is not in my personal holding but I hold morpen lab in pharma sector.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



respected agni pruthvi ji
after a right or bonus issue any share fall for some time. now it is come on my buying suggested price but i am not sure that it not down further.

so if RIL AGRO is your fancy then why you not consider it in SIP buy for example ARVIND LTD is my fancy i start buy it at 2005 when price is 140 and buy 1000 rupee share per month with strict discipline, i buy it 1000 rupee per month till last month so total investment in 60 month is 60000 in these 5 year i saw minimum price of arvind ltd 12 but continue with my 60 month SIP and now my total holding have benefit of 10000, no any loss .
so i think if it is your fancy then buy it in SIP method only.
mahesh kaushik


Dear Mahesh Ji,
Please give a brief description about "Capital Gains Tax" in your blog and how can we avoid it
Thank you in advance
Rajeev Daniel
In share market trading, for tax purpose 3 type of trading is there
A. intra day trading without delivery
B. F&O trading
C. cash market trading on delivery base. (With STT paying)
In Above 3 types type A. intra day without delivery trading and B. F&O trading treated at speculation income or business income so in these 2 type capital gain tax is not applied income from intra day without delivery and F&O treated as normal business income and this income add in your total income . on this income normal income tax rate apply in your tax slab.
Capital gains tax applied only where, there C type of trading means investing or cash market trading on delivery base. (With STT paying). In this type capital gains tax calculated as
a. long term capital gain tax
b. short term capital gain tax
If you buy a share and sell it after 365 days then this is called long term capital gain and long term capital gain tax is nil means you no need to pay any capital gains tax if you sell a stock after 365 day.
If you sell your stocks before 365 day then it is called short term capital gain and 15 % capital gain tax applied there.
HOW TO PROTECT SHORT TERM CAPITAL GAINS TAX: - this is simple sell a stock after 365 day otherwise I think no any other way to save it.

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