Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I hold "RNRL" 50 SHARE @39. This share Purchase last month
what is future price of this share
Animesh Shedge

hi sir,
i want to purchase ispat industries share and RNRL. Pls advise is it ok to purchase in this value for one year. Pls suggest ask by manish tayal

1. RNRL decalare merger with R POWER at swap ratio of 4:1 means every 4 share of RNRL you allotted 1 share of R power. So we discuss about R POWER instead of RNRL.
2. Reliance infrastructure is formally known as reliance energy and reliance energy is basic promoter company of r power.
3. this is the style of corporate that when they want to execute any new projects they create a new company for it because in new company they easily collect fresh money from IPO etc or get tax benefits in the name of new company remember the story of r petro and reliance they create r petro 2 times and both the time r petro merge with reliance (if you are knew investor then I told you that about 1991 reliance create r petro and in 2002 it merge with reliance read full story at following link
http://www.scribd.com/doc/23835206/Reliance-Petroleum ).
4. so I think when projects of R Power executes then it merge with Reliance infrastructure but before this merging a speculation story in this stock is happen like R PETRO I remind you this story that when R PETRO is traded 60-66 range in 1-2 years most of investor get out from it and then it break out 70. after this break out within the 6 months it touch 270 so I think same story will be happen in r power and this is test of patience only.
5. currently R POWER is trading in range of 130-178 so all week hands (small players) get out from it when they see price above 200 but I think when this break out happen and hold for some trading session R power touch 500+ .
6. So I think continue hold your R POWER for 1 -2 year and when price of 500+ is seen sell it .

Discloser :- I personally hold 10 share of R POWER .so my personal interest is included in this company.

key words tips buy sell target of reliance power r pow r power in next 1 2 3 4 5 year

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