Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi Mahesh,
Thanks a lot for your reply on mirc-electronics, please also let me know abt
I have brought 500 shares of ind-swift @ 45 per share
Please advice, should I hold or book loss???

1. Ind swift ltd is a pharma stock with 2 rupee face value.
2. Book value of Ind swift is 55.59 so share traded below his book value. But 49 is 52 week high for indo swift and 25 is 52 week low.
3. FY 09-10 EPS of Ind swift is 9.64 so share traded at P/E of 5 only so I think share traded at genuine valuation no need to worry in this condition.
4. Share holding pattern for Ind swift is
Promoter 41.76
FII 1.80
DII 2.57
5. IND SWIFT is only formulation division of company and Ind swift labs ltd is a separate company.
6. my view is neutral on indo swift because company share looking good and below book value but not like pharma counter on this time because I think currant rally is lead by banking pharma and auto counters and when correction is come then these three sector is beaten down badly and then these sector underperforms market at least for 2-3 years. but this share may hold for 46+

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