Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi MaheshJi,
I saw your blog and the way you answered the queries a became fan of yours. I have bought Thomas Cook @69.05 after having a word with my favorite fundamental analyst Rajesh TambeJi (comes on ZEE Business).
Now I am looking for your suggestion on this.
Your Admirer and Big Follower

1. Thomas cook (India) ltd is a Travel Support Services company with 1 rupee face value. Remember face value of this share is only1 means if we compare currant market price 73 to any 10 rupee face value share then it is 730 so share is not so cheap in currant price.
2. FY 09-10 EPS of Thomas cook (India) ltd is only 1.06 it means at currant price 73 share traded at P/E of 70. (You pay 70 year earning per share advance for buy a share).
3. Book value of Thomas cook (India) ltd is 11.90 only and share traded at 6.20 time higher to his book value.
4. at 18 aug 2010 and 19 aug 2010 bulk deal of selling 95,00,000 share of Thomas cook is happen ( however 2 bulk deal of buying 54,34,227 share also done but over all selling side is heavy).
5. Promoter holding in Thomas cook is 77.23 % is only one positive factor which I found in Thomas cook (India) ltd.
6. So my view is negative for this stocks and thinks right buying price for this share is below 40-50 only. It is my view and it may be wrong.BECAUSE SOMETIME SHARE RUN ON MARKET MOVEMENT NOT ON FUNDAMENTAL
7. Thomas cook is not in my personal holding.
Key words: - target for Thomas cook buy sell hold F&O tips

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