Thursday, December 22, 2011


hello sir,
can u give dividend yelding stocks which are fundamentally strong , atleast 2 in every sector.
thank u
best regards
1. sampath ji i am not agree with your stock choosing criteria because dividend yield is not a fix criteria. dividend yield may be variable from time to time so i nevar choose a stock on dividend yield.
2. but as your demand  i give you a direct link from moneycontrol site where you find top dividend paying stocks with dividend history the link is given below

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  1. Dividend yield is an important criteria used for selecting stocks worth buying.Dividends are certainly nice to receive as an investor. No question. However, the notion of "buy and hold" for dividends sake is no longer the panacea of investing. That works well during credit expansion... not credit contraction.

    Indian stocks high dividend


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