Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Anonymous said...
Respected Mahesh sir,
I planned to invest in JAI BALAJI CORPORATION for 3 YRS prospective can u suggest ur views for that..I would be really pleased.thanks in advance.
1. please do not ask question in name of anonymous..i will be happy if asker provide his name.
2. i already give my view on jai bala ji industries at following link when this stock traded at 163 and i give a negative view for jai balaji industries ltd.
3. currant price of jai bala ji industries is 138 and book value of stock is 152.72 but do not attract to see low book value just remember that at 30 may 2008 this script ( code 590064 that time)Suspended due to penal reasons. my view is still negative and avoid for jai bala ji industries ltd ( code 532976 this time) i have no any stock of jai bala ji industries ltd.
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