Thursday, September 15, 2011

L&T finance holdings ltd.

I’m from Hyderabad.....I want invest every monthly 5000 in sip mode for 5 to 10 years please suggest one or two good stocks for me .
What about your view on l&t finance is good for sip?
1. Venkat ji , it is not safe to invest only 2 script for 5 year view I told one stock every month for real long term view so read this link for understand my idea of making a long term portfolio by investing 4500-5000 per month
2. L&T finance holdings ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock which listed at 12.08.11 so it is difficult for me to give my view for a new listing because my strict formula is “ALWAYS AVOID A NEW LISTED STOCK FOR ONE YEAR” because in 99 % case I see market give a real price for new listed stock in one year of listing.
3. For example standard charted bank ADR have a good fundamental but I advice my investor to avoid it for one year and I will be happy that price of listing is for standard charted ADR is near 120 and touch 134 but now available at 80 only. Same story will happen in coal India, reliance power etc.
4. L&T finance holdings ltd promoter holding 82.64% FII holding 2-62 % and DII holding 2.64 % so only few of stocks is available for general public so this is a positive point.
5. So my view is “ hold” but “avoid” fresh buying in L&T finance holdings ltd. I have no any stock of L&T finance holdings ltd.
6. currantly i think " first source solution " is top most undervalued stock and one couled start a SIP of 1000 per month for 2-3 year in first source solution ltd than it may be coming arvind ltd. ( in this blog i give same view about arvind ltd when it traded @ 12-13 and now stock give 800 % retrun in this market situation from price of 12-13 , but it is not sure that past performance will be repeated again, arvind ltd is in my personal holding so my intrest in included in this view.

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