Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shift Tara jewels to Rajesh exports

sir ,i divyesh patel from gujarat. On day of listing of tara jewels ,i have bough 100 share @ 237 ,now it is 220 . this share is not moving up or down sir please reply to me whether i should hold this stock or shift to other share ( if yes then in which share ) pls do reply fast ,thanks in advance ask by divyesh patel Gujrat. 
1.TARA JEWELS LTD is a 10 rupee face value small cap company. 
2.My regular blog readers knew that i always suggest that AVOID a new IPO and new listed stock for one year, because i think market give a fair value of particular stock in one year and see past history a new stock is always down in first one year in 90 % cases. 
3.Promoters holding 60.10 % FII holding near 14 % which is good.
4. It is difficult to me that I make any fundamental analysis because this is a new listed stock. 
5.Generally i not advice shifting but if you force than I choose Rajesh Exports in this sector.
 6. I have no any share of tara jewels.

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