Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sequent Scientific Ltd

Hi Mahesh ji i am Jasim from Dubai.i have posted one month b4 one enquiry about sequent scientific, but still i didn't get any replay from u sir.also ur replay is very valuable for small investors like me Regards Jasim Dubai 
1. Hello Jasim sir , I think i not receive your previous question, i request all of my blog readers that please use this forum only for asking a new question 
2.Sequent Scientific Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Pharma stock. 
3. Year high of Sequent Scientific Ltd is 257 and year low 66.20 ,In my style of investment if Year high/year low is above 2 and price near year low then i not like this type of ratio because I think the good company never down more then 50 % in a year. 
4.Stock of Sequent Scientific Ltd show many recent bulk deals this is another negative point for me because I think this is a sign of speculation. 
5.Sequent Scientific Ltd is a loss making stock.
6. The only good thing that Promoters of Sequent Scientific Ltd increase their holding from 55.81% to 59.80 %. 
7. Overall my view is negative at CMP but if available below 50 after 6-18 months then it is good due to increasing promoters holding . 
8. I have no any stock of Sequent Scientific Ltd.

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