Sunday, February 5, 2012


Dear Sir,
Please provide us with fundamental View on HI-TECH GEARS LTD, As am holding few shares of it and want to Increase the volume of that share in SIP method for 1-2yrs.
1.HI-TECH GEARS LTD is a 10 rupee face value auto parts stock.
2. Book value of HI-TECH GEARS LTD is 49.78 and stock traded near 2.5 times of book value i think 122 is not a fare value for HI-TECH GEARS LTD.
3. year high of HI-TECH GEARS LTD is 144.95 and year low is 95.10
4. promoters of HI-TECH GEARS LTD hold 55.04 % and FII holding is very low.
5. last year stock give 1:1 bonus and generally we see that after ex bonus stock may be enter in 2-3 year slow movement zone.
6. in 02.12.11 MEDICI HOLDINGS LIMITED sell his 161834 stocks @120 i think this is also negative.
7. so my view is negative for HI-TECH GEARS LTD and i think my followers may exit from this stock . i have no any stocks of HI-TECH GEARS LTD.

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