Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello Mahesh,

Hope you are doing good.Just wanted to know if it would be a wise idea to invest for long term like 1 year on jupiter bioscience shares which is currently at 8.95?


1. Jupiter bioscience ltd is a 10 rupee face value indonext company. The companies with paid up capital up to Rs 20 crore listed with RSEs but not with BSE, would be included in the BSE IndoNext Segment
2. Book value of Jupiter bioscience ltd is 120.73 this is good but we cannot buy a stock on only book falue base.
3. 52 week high of Jupiter bioscience ltd is 27.70 and 52 week low 08.02 stock traded at 12.30 stock is start falling from price of 150 so it is clear that this is end of speculation rally when a stock correct more than 50 % in few months than I think this is end of speculations and stock may not perform again in 2-3 years so avoid this stock.
4. Promoters of Jupiter biosciences ltd is hold only 4.62 % stocks and they reduce their holding from 10.52 % …reducing of promoter holding is a serious negative point.
5. JUPITER BIOSCIENCES LTD  is a loss making company and net profit margines of JUPITER BIOSCIENCES LTD  is -130% So my view is negative for Jupiter bioscience ltd I have no any share of Jupiter bioscience ltd.
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