Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GMR infra : BUY

 Hello Mahesh,
Please advice is it good hold GMR infra LTD.
I have 200 stocks at average price of 23 .. Is it good more buy more.
Thanks and Regards

1. GMR infra is a 1 rupees face value share and Punj lloyed, Larsen and toubro are 2 rupees face value share.
2.GMR infra FY 10- 11 EPS is 0.15 rupees per share ,and book value is 18.42 only, this share is currently trading on 27 so P/E on this price is 180 this means you pay next 180 year earning on current basis advance. Remember our index P/E is near about 20 so you suppose how expensive this stock in compare of index.
3. Promoters hold 71.43 percent stake in this company FII hold 11.62 percent is a good sign. and promoter increase there holding from 70 % ..this is positive point
4. Company not gives any dividend in last 5 year.
5. this year i think EPS of GMR INFRA is +0.50 so due to increasing EPS and promoter holding this time is good to accumulate this stock.
6. i have no any stock of GMR infra

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