Sunday, April 17, 2011


Due to continue under performance , loss making result, no dividend, and decreasing volume finally kicked out MTNL and PUNJ LLOYD from BSE group “A” shares.
Now these 2 shares traded in BSE group B , this news is slightly negative and I think if you have capacity to hold these share for a long period and you are buying these scripts in a SIP method then you may continue otherwise I think one could look exit opportunity in every rise
I have 100 share of MTNL this is my discloser.
Please remember review of BSE groups is a timely routine process it may not change fundamentals but mutual funds re balance there portfolio according to index so due to this re balancing MTNL and PUNJ LLOYD may show short term negativity but  long term investors who buy these 2 scripts in follow of my fundamental buying list no need to worry because we hold it more then 1 year.
Your comments invited for this news.

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