Sunday, May 29, 2011


Please tell me about D B Realty Ltd stock. I bought it last month at RS115 for 70k now it has come to Rs 72. Please advise whether to sell or hold it….
Mohit Agarwal

1.D B Realty Ltd is a realty stock with 10 rupee face value and I choose this share for my long term buying list for this month @ 81
2. But choosing in fundamental buying list not a sign of immediate rally in stock ..I choose it due to its book value of 127.31
3. 52 week high of D B Realty Ltd is 474.90 and 52 week low is 66 so I think stock is bottom out in between of 60-70
4. Promoters holding in D B Realty Ltd is still 62.70 FII holding 5.46, FII and promoters reduce their holding in D B Realty Ltd
5. fundamentals is not wrong but stock is continue in down trend so I think hold this stock and wait your price but averaging in a down trend stock is not a good policy or if you are able to take some risk than sell your stocks at every rise and buy these quantity again in next fall of market at lower price .
6. I have no any stocks of D B Realty Ltd.

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