Sunday, May 8, 2011


Dear Sir,
I deeply impressed by the methods you've been advising peoples for the shares. I would like to ask that currently I hold about 300 shares of suzlon which were bought @ 58, do you think that I should continue holding the stock or shall I sell it when the price come near to 56 or 58, another query I am interest in buying some 100 shares in unitech as I've marked that the prices have slashed to near Rs.33, do you think is it smart to buy unitech at this rate?
I would welcome if you kindly suggest me to buy shares of some good companies which are currently prevailing in the market at lower rate
Vikram tiwary

1. Suzlon energy ltd is a 2 rupee face value Heavy Electrical Equipment this is a good company only one issue is there that promoters continue dilute their holding from 58.14 to 57.09 and finally it is 54.84 % but promoter holding is still not very low so I think this is a good company.
2. For detail view on suzlon energy ltd you may read my old article on this share at this link
3. I think in a bad time of good fundamentals company stocks is convert to good trading stocks so in case of suzlon 56 is a strong resistance for stock so before his multiple view it may test your patience many time so if you are a real long term investor and see suzlon price just 2 year after from today then you are hold it but if you check suzlon price daily and feel bad when it show trading loss then it is good to trade in range of 50-55 ( means buy below 50 and sell above 55)
4. Unitech stocks melt down due to rumor about attachment of properties by directorate of enforcement but Unitech Limited (real estate Company) has not been named in the aforesaid charge-sheet filed by the CBI. It is further to clarified that the on-going matter pertains to Unitech Wireless (Tamil Nadu) Pvt Limited (Uninor) which is a separate legal entity engaged in the telecom business.
The Company would like to reiterate that Unitech Limited would continue to focus on its real estate business in normal course read these old article on unitech for more details
5. I think trading in unitech @ 37 to 42 is also good but my view is still negative for unitech.
6. I have no any share of suzlon and unitech. And my view is positive for suzlon in long term and negative for unitech.

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