Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Raj oil mills ltd :AVOID

Please give your view on RAJ OIL MIlls Ltd. Will it raise in coming future. What's the reason for its downfall continuously ask by Shanker ji

1. Shankar ji please do not ask more than one question continuously because if you ask more than one question at a time other reader of this blog may wait a long time for their reply.
2. Raj oil mills Ltd is a 10 rupee face value edible oil company Year high and lows for Raj oil mills Ltd is 16.70 and 3.13 so this is very poor situation.
3. Reason of this fall is promoters stock selling they reduce their holding from 22.97% so 5.93 % and DII also reduce their holdings so the stock is now held by mostly general public and trapped small investors only.
4. There are many bulk deals showing speculation activity in this stock read details of bulk deals at this link
5. I think you may AVOID Raj Oil Ltd , I have no any share of Raj oils Mills Ltd

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