Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Respected Sir,
I read your blogs from date 07/04/2010, your view about stock I like very much,
I had bought 5 shares of ZANDU REALTY AT Rs.4060/- now (19/04/2010) rate will
Come down to rs 3890/- can I hold it for long term. Please give me detailed view on this stock.
I am waiting for your reply.
Thanking You
1. Zandu realty is a 100 rupees face value share. So 10 time high face value is a reason for it abnormal price. (CMP 3600)
2. Book value of zandu realty is very low it is 285.4 only.
3. So currant market price is still very high if we compare it book value, price of this stock base on land bank story and I not believe this story.
4. This is a very low equity stock and only 806400 share of 100 rupees face value is there so price can be speculate easily.
5. Price of this share is already it 52 week low.
6. Please always remember my method of buying that do not buy more than 5000 rupees shares in a time and average once only after more than 20 percent fall.
7. in this situation I am unable to say anything clearly about this type of stock.


  1. Mahesh Ji,

    I like your blog and analysis of shares and let me congratulate on sharing your views.

    I admire the fact that you say your view of liking or not liking the stock with reason. Thanks for educating us..God bless you


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