Sunday, April 11, 2010


Mahesh ji,
I am a regular reader of your blog and found it interesting and very informative. I need you suggestion looking at current market when everything is looking good and market mood looks positive. Although market is moving side wise but the current situation is very scary for a normal investor like me. I have accumulated 30-40k hard earned money for investing for last couple of months, but not able to decide where shall I put my money. I am looking at a horizon of 1 year and more and want to invest in stock which can give me more and more returns with
lesser risk. I would like to invest in stocks which have Rs 10 face value and investor friendly.
Please suggest me few stocks where I can invest.
Amarendra Bhaskar

1- I can not advice you directly due to legal reason because money is your and you may read disclaimer on this site before investing but I think if me in your side than I divide my money in 8-9 parts of 4000-5000 each.
2. Invest 4700-4800 in vijya bank when vijya bank available below 48. This mean I can buy 100 shares of vijya bank @47-48 which is a government sectors bank with book value of 53.50, vijya bank also pay 1-2 rupees dividend per year.
Now I tell you a true story of my friend dr. pareek he is buy 500 share of bank of Baroda @80 per share about 12 year ago. So he invested 40,000 in bank of Baroda. In this 12 year he enjoy dividend per year ( in 2009 when market is down he receive dividend of 9 rupees per share rs 4500 and in this 12 year he is earn more than 50,000 as dividend) and currant market value of his investment is 300000. I salute dr. pareek as a long term great investor.
So I look same opportunity in vijya bank (my currant holding is zero in vijya bank).
3. Than I look to enter in R-Com when market fall I try to enter @150 in r-com buy 30 share of r-com invested 4500. (My currant holding 5 share of r-Com). And I am sure that this is a long term pick and after 3g it turns around in profit and this time is best to make a long term investment in r-com (I give same advice in maruti when it traded at 500 and M&M when it traded at 350 and infosys @1200 dr. reddy @700). Remember R-Com face value is rs 5 only.
4. Than invest 3500 in arvind ltd (my fancy textile share I already hold 1510 share of arvind ltd).
5. Invest 3800 in kamdhenu ispat ltd. Buy 200 share @19(I already hold 100 share of kamdhenu ispat ltd.).
6. Hold near about 50 percent cash to look more opportunity when market fall or average out these stocks if they fall more than 20 percent.
I Buy 10-10 nifty benchmark exchange traded fund at every 10-10 percent fall of nifty than sell it in 15-15 percent profit for smart trading.

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