Saturday, April 3, 2010


Respected readers,
I like only fundamental sound share. When market is up I like to invest only in contrarian shares. And contrarian call always take time to run It test your patience very much. But sometime my followers and reader do not understand my patience and faith. So today I share some of my personal experience with you for deep understanding of my method to invest share.
1. In January 2007 infosys tech market price is 2197 and I decide to buy 10 share of infosys tech because I think this is a market leader. But as usual I did not buy all quantity at once I buy it in SIP method and accumulate 2-2-2-2-2 share of infosys at every fall. So my highest buying price is 2197 and lowest is 1465 per share. So my average buying is near about 1600 per share.
2. after that I wait 3 year long period for break out of this share and sell infosys in march 2010 at price of 2600 so my risk free earnings of rs 10000 in this share. In this period of 3 year I enjoy dividend of this company and you knew in this period market (nifty) fall 6300 to 2500 but my holding (infosys) fall only 1600-1100 and I do not worry from this notional loss finally it give me reward of 10,000.
3. Now what happen if infosys goes to 3500???? problem I never buy it again because this is share market and I behave in this market as a lion. Once I book profit I never buy that share again.. There are 2500 share in this market so I invest my money in other share.
4. What happen if infosys again touch 1600???? problem also in fall I never buy a share again once I take profit from it I black listed it in my buying list for minimum 5 year.
5. now see a other story in September 2005 arvind mill ( now arvind ltd) is traded on 140 and I think this is a big story so I decide to invest 60000 in this share and as usual I make a SIP of 1000 per month for 60 months. In last 56 months I invest 1000 in this share every month . to day I have 1510 share of infosys at average price of 40 and still in loss of 7500 but I still wait it to become a multibagger ( as my faith on basis of fundamental of this share) and I am 100 percent sure one day this share give me a largest record return .
6. so if you have patience and faith like me then you avail maximum benefit of this blog so never put all of your money in a share at once remember “ cash is king” so invest only in SIP method and once invested wait reasonable profit till life long ( in my belief I never sell a stock in loss till my life I invest 4000 in GV FILMS ( buy 250 share @16 without checking of fundamental on recommendations of a famous technical analyst (traders)from Delhi I am a former paid client of this analyst when I new in this market. And at present GV FILM is traded at 1.75 so valuation of my 4000 is now 437.50 and I forget this share to think this is 0. So I never sell it in loss in my life .).
7. at present market my contrarian call in reliance communications, kamdhenu ispat,vijya bank, arvind ltd, sasken communications, kolte patil devolapers,punj lloyeds, MTNL, reliance power,(discloser:- I hold all of these shares except vijya bank and MTNL). So one could invest small quantity in these stocks as SIP method for 1-2 year to avail maximum retrun but please read disclaimer before investing because I am not a specialist of share market I am only a small investor like you)
8. Please do not ask mobile number of me. Because there are more then 150 regular reader of my column and if I give my mobile number and every reader call 5 minutes to me than it is 150*5=750 minutes and in this situation I have no time for my other work. So please do not mail me for mobile talk or chat.
9. One more great thing for you that my portfolio in share market is less than 1,00,000 because I believe that invest only minimum amount (which you are able to forget without tension)in this market on basis of your risk profile.

Mahesh chander kaushik

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