Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Future retial v/s V2 Retail

Dear Mahesh Ji, What is your view on Future retial & V2 Retail ask by Baswant Kumbhar. 
1.Future retail is a 2 rupee face value retail stock ,Face Value of v2 retail is 10 rupee. 
2.Future retail year high/low is 147.85 and 63.30, Stock traded at 128,Year high/low ratio is more then 2 
3. V2 retail year high is 17.84 and year low 6.24 Year high/low also more then 2 for this stock. 
4.Future retail promoters holding 48.31% FII holding 22.41% DII holding 4.65% so this holding pattern is quite good and V2 retail promoters hold 57.19%(No any FII or DII holding in V2 Retail). 
5. Future retail give 0.60 rupee per share dividend for this year and V2 retail never give dividends. 
6.Future retail show bulk deal in sell side so this is a sign of speculation activity. 
7. V2 Retail net earning and profits both are in down trends. 
8. So overall my view is negative for both of companies, but if future retail available below 92 then this is a good buy. 
9.Discloser:- I have no any stocks of above mention companies.

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