Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hello Sir, You can invest in Basant agrotech. Its a Akola based based Fertilizer and seeds company. It regularly pay dividends and stock is currently trading at Rs. 8. this tip given by anonymous.
 1.BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is a 1 rupee face value stock. 
2. Year high of BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is 9.20 and year low 2.80, This is a problem because as my rule I am do not buy a stock if Year high/low ratio is above 2 
3. Promoters holding in BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is 54.62% DII holding 0.05% and  FII holding is NIL. 
4.BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD Regularly pay dividends in range of 0.06 to 0.08 Rupee per share. 
5. BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is an Indo next company ( Indo next stocks have low equity and small to medium scale business companies so when promoter plan to dilute his equity these stocks will easily down at a very low price) 
6. Stock is good but I think current price is very high for fresh buy, It is a good buy if stock available below 5 in any market fall 
7. I have no any shares of Basant agrotech

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  1. Sir i beg to differ, co is growing if you check the results, its face value is1 and hence dividend pay out less. Everyone is banking on its seed demerger. That happens or not is yet to be seen and if it does happen then sky is the limit


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