Monday, September 15, 2014


Dear Mahesh, I am Planning to start investing but realy fearing what are the basic things which we have to take care in investment ? and which is the best online brokerage company were we can pay less amount and get good and valueable guide lines ( ICICI direct , Share khan, Kotak direct ) ? Kindly guide. Regards Saurav

What is the Demat account:- Demat account is open with NSDL or CSDL and brokerage firm like icicidirect or sbicap are  known as depository participate or DP. You already knew that saving account is use to deposit cash. In addition, demat account is use to deposit your share in electronic form.

Best online brokerage company in India: - ICICI direct is best to open demat account.  I strictly belive in ICICI DIRECT because of following reasons:-
1- ICICI DIRECT  is also a banker so If you open a demat account they also create a trading account for you then they open a saving account in icici bank which link with your trading account so you are able to done online share trading. Some other online share trading service provider like relieance money is not a bank so if you want to trade online with there d mat account you will must to open a saving account in Axis bank or icici bank

2- It research service is best in research page of you find so many updated tools to analysis a share. But I think If you read my book then you already able to choose best stocks in any market condition.

3- If you buy a share online then buying value is credited by your saving account automatically and if you sell a share selling value will be automatically deposited in your saving account
4- Dividend are also deposited automatically in icici bank saving account
5- Icici direct also provide mutual fund investment service and NPS service this means If you have a trading account with ICICI DIRECT then you may  also subscribe central government new pension scheme through ICICI direct read this article for more detail about NPS

6- ICICI direct also provide us Equity SIP
7. You can compare SBIcap and ICICIC direct here


  1. What u said about icicidirect is alright.Further their,accounting is simple,userfriendly and perhaps best in the industry.However, brkrg charged by them is too high and system perhaps is slowest.When you need it, you may find down with tech snags.Moreover, their s/w will close yr positions during volatile times and cause you huge loss.

  2. Did you even see any other platform of share trading, if not so just check those and change your comments above.

  3. hi mahesh ji,
    once again good analysis. but if you would have focused on brokerage charges also it would have been nice. i am holing icicidirect and geojit and but when i compare the icici brokerage charges are very high.. compared to any other trading companies but i may be wrong. if u have time and focus and respond to this query by comparing brokerages then it would be grate.


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