Sunday, April 13, 2014


Please throw light on MAJESTIC AUTO LTD ask by Harish equety. 
1. MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is a 2/3 wheeler 's auto company. 
2. Face value of MAJESTIC AUTO LTD stock is 10. 
3.Year high of MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is 48-85 and year low 24.15 stock traded at 42.75 that are normal. 
4.Promoters holding in MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is 75 % FII holding 0.02 % DII holding 0.84% , So holding pattern is also good. 
5.Now we come on main problem of this stock in 2012-13 MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is a loss making stock and his net income in 2012-13 is 155.43 cr and company have a net loss of 5.85 cr ,Now total revenue is down in DEC 2013 net revenue of stock is 20.95 cr but stock earn a net profit of 62.76 cr so profit from extraordinary items are not a recurring profit and once it is adjusted then stock is down again. 
6. So i think something is wrong cooking in this company and it is wise to avoid this stock as this time. 
7. I have no any stock of MAJESTIC AUTO LTD.

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