Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kalyani steel "Good buy risky".

Hi Mahesh, Can you advise me on kalyani steels..I made some profit earlier. Seems the results are very good for Q3. Thanks Srinadh Allam 
1.Kalyani steels ltd is a 5 rupee face value iron and steel company. 
2. 52 week high of kalyani steels ltd is 59.75 and 52 week low is 31.00 this ratio is good because stock traded near year high and recover from year low. 
3.Promoters of kalyani steels hold 59.85 % shares, which is also good. 
4.Kalyani steels ltd give 1.50 rupee per share dividend per year . 
5. Here are Some interesting points about kalyani steel these points trend new investors about price fluctuation in stock market 
* In 1992 ( time of harshad mehta) Kalyani steel traded at 525 
* In 2001 Kalyani steel traded at 3.15 
* In 2008 stock again touch 589.25 
* In 2014 traded at 52 
6. So this is a high beta stock means speculators easily up and down price of kalyani steel so investment in kalyani steel may be risky but currant fundamental is good.
7. I have no any stock of Kalyani steel .

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