Saturday, February 1, 2014

Update on Gujarat sidhee cement

Dear sir what is your current view on Gujarat sidhee cement promoter stake is decreasing & bad performance/results, industry cement industry also facing problems ask by khanna 
1. I recommended Guj sidhee cement on my website @23 and now CMP is 12.96 so it is natural that my blog readers and followers worried about future of gujrat sidhee cement. 
New readers read this article here 
2. Promoters of gujarat sidhee cement also decrease their stake from 35.70% to 34.41% so this is another worry because as my theory of investment i unlike decrease in promoters stake. 
3. Ok in view of this condition i review my past recommendation about this stock and make a detail research about guj sidhee cement First of all See this two link about guj sidhee cement promoters stake 
Link for promoters holding in Mar 13 
Link for promoters holding in DEC 13 
4. When you read above detail report of promoters holding you find that one promoter of guj sidhee cement name "Shree Anandeya Investments Pvt Ltd" sell some of his pledged share so reducing in pledged stocks is not a negative point it is positive for long term. 
5. Other point that most of promoters are "Holding and investment companies" they wait a takeover chance for this unit so my current view for gujarat sidhee is " Hold and Wait" 6. I have 75 share of Gujarat sidhee cement ltd so this is my disclosure.

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