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Hi Mahesh, I am following your blog and I wood like to knew and learn investing from you, How to find out low equity stocks in the market Regards Amit 
1.Low equity means "If total number of stocks of a company are low then stock known as low equity stock for example Reliance power has total 2,80,51,26,466 shares and in same sector Suryachakra power corporation ltd has total 14,96,32,960 stocks so we say Reliance power is a high equity stock and Suryachakra power is a low equity stock.
2.For find out a low equity stock open this link of BSE india or if you use sharegenius app then open laset BSE Quote tab in sharegenius app. 
You see a page like this

3.Type first 3 charterer of your company name in box and then select your stock in drop-down menu for example if you choose Reliance power then you see a new page like this

4.Chosse SHP tab from this page ,See this photo to find out SHP tab

5. You see details of Shareholdings now  click "more" link which situated at bottom of this page

6.Now you see total number of stocks like this


  1. Dear Mahesji,

    I am regular reader of your blog. What is your view on Gabriel India Ltd. This is leading manufacure of shock absober. Promoter holding is 54.63%, FII Holding 5.80%, DII Holding 0.35%. I have calculated revenue per share is 89.57 ( Last year revene/No. of share). No bulk deal. Divident paying history. Now trading at 46.35.What is your view?? Is this stock become multibagger in long term (Next 2-3 years View)?

    1. Baswant ji I publish your reply as a fresh Article on this blog.


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