Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi Mahesh ji, Very good morning. it is pleasure to read you blogs all the time. It would be nice if you can tell us few stocks for long term ie 5yrs .... Thanks Sudheer. 
1.Ok, Today I recommended five stocks for long term view. 
2.My first top pick is  Country Club India ltd at Market price 12-15 because I think this stock may give very very very decent returns in next 5 years  I think readers already read my article about Country Club India ltd stock on my webpage 
3.My second pick is INFRABEES when i publish a article in 2010 on my mutualfundgenius blog and recommended a SIP in INFRABEES since last 4 years on my various blogs then no one believe me but now I got many thank you e mails from my followers and I still think that INFRABEES is s a buy for target of 550-750 in coming 2-3 years.
4.My third top pick is  PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS because this new government  promises to develop 100 new smart city in India. So i think this may help great to hike valuation of Parsvanath developers.
5.My Fourth pick is Tata Comunication ltd because I think this large cap telecom company is a leader of telecom revival rally .
6.My Fifth pick is Manali petrochemical which get  benefited in reforms of petrochemical sector.
7. So I choose five stocks from Hotel, Infra,Housing,Telecom and Petrochemical sector and I think if India really grow in this five years then these stocks are give us multiple returns.
8. All of above 5 stocks are in my personal holding so this is my dis closer.
key words:- Indian stocks for long term view,target of manali petro, tata com,country club 2014.Mahesh kaushik fundamental tips for long term.


  1. Infrabees and Tata Coomunication is sure short

    1. Respected Karthikraja K ji
      My view for above stocks is for 5 year not for short and long margins and F&O positions, Regards

  2. i could not find infrabees on the listed stock. Can you please give me the full name of company

  3. INFRA BEES is an ETF full name Goldman Sachs Infrastructure ETF, This ETF is listed only on NSE and not listed on BSE ,one share of this ETF is equal to 1/10 of CNX Infrastructure Index
    for more detail.

  4. sir,
    sudheer here.. thanks for replying to my query. every recommendation i liked but except country club... why becoz as a normal user having membership i lost lot of money it is a cheating lot of customers.. so in that point i did not understand how this can become a multi bagger. might be my thinking direction may be wrong.. i have seen u recommending this in many of your recent articles. The main purpose is not to degrade your tip but i want to understand why you like this so much..and i can understand better before investing.. i don't want miss another good tip like arvind.. given by you...

    1. I think Country club India limited may be unlock big valuation like Arvind in long term 2-5 years, So me and my wife hold a 2000+ stocks of this holiday home company


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