Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shilpi cables technologies Ltd : AVOID

Hi SIr, I have 2k shares of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd at 60 rs. I got bonus and dividend also.Sir please guide whether to hold this stock or to sell. Since its given a bonus its looks like fundamentally good stock.How many months/years should i hold this stock. Please share your thoughts Thanks Sagar patil 
1. Sagar ji please do not buy such a huge quantity at once when you buy a stock then first buy only 1/10 part of your required amount then wait some time for correction because price of stocks are always cyclic and every year we have 2-3 chance when every stock is traded at very attractive price.
 2. Second point bonus is not a sign of fundamental strongness , bonus issue is dilute stock equity and impact negatively on a stock price. 
3. Shilpi cables technologies Ltd is a 10 rupee face value electrical cable company. 
4. Year high of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd is 78.50 and year low 8.40, oh I wonder that why people buy a share when it run 10 times within a year, in my theory i am not buy a stock where year high/low is above 2( read my book for details). 
5.Promoters of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd hold 34.04% and FII hold 13.71% which is normal. 
6. Overall my view is negative for Shilpi cables technologies Ltd due to recent bonus and in-stable year high/ year low ratio ( if you read my book then you familiar that I am not buy a stock who give bonus in last 2 year and where year high/ low is above 2). 
7. Discloser:- I have no any share of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd.

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