Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hinduja Global solution HGS best buy below 388 ( or at the range of 302- 388)

Dear Maheshji, 

This is Lokesh with Registration ID 14591. 
Please comment on Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) Regards 
Lokesh kumar 
Regisration ID:-14591 
1 Hinduja Global Solutions is a 10 rupee face value BPO KPO company 
 2. Year high of Hinduja Global Solutions is 724.90 and yellow is 407.40 so year high / year low ratio is below 2 (new readers please refer Research report terms of Mahesh Kaushik for more details of this concept) 
3.Hinduja Global Solutions have recent bulk deals @ 600 to @ 650 so as I say many times in my blog that generally we see a downward movement after bulk deals so after these bulk deals Hinduja global is down and currently traded 425.
So as per my concept of bulk deal I assume that stock may further down in 2015- 2016 and it is wise to buy this is stock after march 2016 
4. HGS is a dividend paying stock last year pay @ 15 rupees per share dividend 
5. Promoter holding in Hinduja Global Solutions is 67. 71 % they reduced it from 67. 83 % so this is another negative point. FII also reduced there holding from 12.01 % to 11. 72 % 
6.Net sale per year in FY 14-15 is 516.61 this is the positive point 
7.when we compare June 2015 earning with March 2015 earning then we find that net profit is down from 33.03 cr to 18.54 cr so when profit is down near 50 percent than we think still more downside is remain in this company. 
8. Finally we see base price of HGS base price of Hinduja Global solution is 456 and as per my theory it is safe to buy below 15 percent of base price so Hinduja Global solution is a safe long term buy below 388 or at the range of 302 to 388. 
10.Discloser:- I Mahesh Chander Kaushik author of this research report is an existing research analyst and passed NISM certification for research analysts. I am also registered under SEBI(RESEARCH ANALYSTS) REGULATIONS, 2014 ( SEBI Registration Number INH 100000908 ) hereby disclose about my financial interest in the subject company and the nature of such financial interest:- 1 Me and my associates or relatives have not hold any share of Hinduja Global solution Ltd so my personal interest is included in this stock. 2. Me and my associates or relatives have not any actual/beneficial ownership of one percent or more securities of the subject company ( Hinduja Global solution ). 3. Me and my associates or relatives have not any other material conflict of interest at the time of publication of the research report. 4. Me and my associates or relatives have not not received any type of compensation from the subject company( Hinduja Global solution ) in the past twelve months. 5. I am not served as an officer, director or employee of the subject company( Hinduja Global solution ). 6. I have been not engaged in market making activity for the subject company( Hinduja Global solution ).

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