Friday, November 7, 2014

Kopran Ltd : Book Profit Near 80

Hi Sir, I had bought kopran at 50 and currently trading at 61 and not moving up from here.. Shall i book profit or hold it for few more months?? Please sir, do reply me as i am new to stock market. Your reply will help me a lot. Thank You Kind Regads, Akash 
Respected readers , I am sorry that my blogs are updated too late because from last 30 days I am suffering from cervical spontaneities , cough and Common colds, So I avoid computer works and take rest. Now my neck pain and common cold are 95 % cure so I am again come with you.
1.Kopran Ltd is a 10 rupee face value pharmaceuticals company. 
2. Year low of Kopran Ltd is 16.15 and year high 72.65, So as my rule I avoid fresh buying in a stock where year high/ low ratio is above 2 but in your case you want to knew that should you hold it or not..Ok for this purpose we see next points. 
3. Promoters of Kopran Ltd hold 39.17 % and no any FII holding in this stock. 
4. We saw may bulk deals in this stock and if you read my book then you knew that bulk / block deals are sign of speculation activity and in most of cases we see that price of stock is beaten down after 3 months to 12 months from such bulk /block deal. 
5.Kopran Ltd not pay any dividend in last some years. 
6. Kopran Ltd Net selling per share is 77.35 So I think you may book your profit near 80 (for a best appreciation) but I am not sure that this stock will touch 80 or not. 
7. So overall I recommended book profit in Kopran Ltd either in CMP or near 77-80 
8. I have no any share of Kopran Ltd.

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