Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Westlife development Ltd : AVOID

Dear Maheshji Please advice on Westside Development Company who recently did a reverse merger with the Mc Donald franchisee. Share prices went from 83 - 153.... Regards ask by SP 
1. I think You ask about Westlife development Ltd which is traded now 272.30 ( his all time high ). 
2. I wonder to see that investor like these types of companies.
3. Westlife development Ltd is a 10 rupee face value company which is a former penny stock and listed in T group of stocks as NBFCs. 
4. In 2009 Westlife development Ltd was traded at 0.75 only and now it is trading at 272.30 so this is not a good time to buy this company , good time to buy this stock was in 2009 @ 0.75 only. 
5. Promoters of Westlife development Ltd reduced their holding from 85.71 % to 75 % so why you want to buy when promoters sell? 
6. Stock have very poor net revenue per share so in fundamental targeting view this is a poor company ( I remove all of my premium articles about fundamental targeting from my blog and website due to Amazon notice, because Amazon have all necessary digital right of my premium articles which is included in my book "The winning theory in stock market " so if you are a new reader then visit Amazon and creatspace website for this book paperback and Kindle edition, paperback edition of this book is also available all leading retail bookstores and online stores of USA and UK)
7. Stock of Westlife development Ltd shows many bulk deals which are a sign of speculation and operator activity so I advise my readers to avoid this stock. 
8. I have no any stock of Westlife development Ltd.

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  1. Dear Sir, is it advisable to buy Westlife development Ltd at this point with CMP 588


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