Friday, November 9, 2012

Shri Ganesh Spinners Ltd:AVOID

Please give your views about Shri Ganesh Spinners ask by mixter 
1.Shri Ganesh Spinners Ltd is a 1 rupee face value textile company. 
2.Book value of Shri Ganesh Spinners Ltd is 0.99 and CMP is 0.84 so this is traded near book value , no very exiting ratio in price and book value. 
3.Net revenue in last year is 92 cr ,Net revenue per share is 1.67 so in this term stock may achieve 1.60-1.70 price target. 4.Promoters holding is NIL so company promoters is general public like you and me, pure speculation base stock.
 5. Bulk deal in sell side also shown in last 2 months see detail of bulk deal at here 
6.So my view is negative for Shri Ganesh Spinners Ltd. I have no any share of Shri Ganesh Spinners Ltd.

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