Monday, February 20, 2012


Sir ,
I respect ur views in ur site a lot!!!!! I just wanted to know whether BIOCON will be a good stock to invest at this levels sir for 3 yrs prospective???and one more query is Among mahindra and mahindra and tata motors which stock will perform better sir??

1. BIOCON LTD is a 5 rupee face value biotechnology stock.
2. year high of BIOCON LTD is 390 and year low 240 stock traded at 2963. promoters holding 60.91 % FII holding 3.52 % FII reduce there holding from 5.62%
4. Biocon net profit is enter in a down cycle if we compare it from last year net profit and EPS we found that profit is down in Q by Q. book value of biocn ltd is 97.29
5. overall biocon is a good company . shareholding pattern is also good but i think you may avoid this share and wait below 125 because due to net profit an EPS fall i think stock may be touch this price in coming 12 months.
6. i have no any stock of BIOCON.

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  1. Biocon at Rs.125 within next one year? On what basis you said that? Bearish view is good but your view is too conservative. I have written about Biocon in your blog when it was Rs.210, and believe me that was the bottom as it got enough support from that level. Still one can buy to get minimum 15% cumulative return for next 3 years from present level.


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