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Namaskar, Sir I'm ragular reader of your blog for a long time and many times I get benefited from your advice. Thanks for such a valuable advice.Now I have a problem Please suggest best way to solve it. I have 10 years old daughter and I worry about her merriage. when she become approx 21 that time I need minimum Rs. 15,000,00/ and 10 tole Gold (Approx 100Gm) Please suggest me where & how much I invest per month so that I get Rs. 15,000,00/ after 11 year's and for Gold how can I buy regularly basis. I avoid gold in physical form due to security.Regards!Manoj Yadav,Uttrakhand.
1. manoj ji , i think  TIP ( target investment plan ) in HDFC TOP 200 fund is best for you.
2. You need 15,00,000 cash and 100 GM gold after 11 year ok , i assume that after 11 year gold price is 50,000 per 10 gm ( please note my view is negative for gold and my target is 8000 per 10 gm but i calculate it 50,000 per 10 gm only for your satisfaction because this time nobody agree with my target of 8000 per 10 gm but i am 90% sure that this will be happen in future).
3. so your total need 15,00,000+5,00,000=20,00,000 after 11 year means 132 months.
4. And we calculate a average return of 15 % per year , do not worry TIP is automatic increase your monthly installment if average return is down and automatic reduce monthly installment if average return is up.
5. so you need to start a TIP in HDFC TOP 200 for minimum 6000 per month and maximum 7500 per month , for more details on TIP read my article and icici direct TIP detail at following link
6. if you think that calculation of gold in assuming price is not a good idea for you than you may consider a SIP of 1000 per month in any of gold ETF ( gold ETF is traded like a share and price of a gold ETF unit is change on behalf of gold price.).

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to buy ACIL cotton industries.
    Please can you suggest this stock?



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