Monday, October 18, 2010


can u plz advice me on cerebra intigrated.i have 4900 share at 27.45 rs. Ask by urmu
1. Urmu ji cerebra integrated is a former penny share price of this share is already appreciate from 5.26 (price of cerebra integrated in 2009) to 28.40 (CMP) so I think fresh buying is avoided in this share.
2. Cerebra integrated are a computer hardware company with 10 rupee face value.
3. Cerebra integrated 52 week high is 33.25 and 52 week low is 7.40
4. Promoter holding in cerebra integrated is 4.97 % and they reduce there holding from 5.26 % to 4.97 % this is also a negative point.
5. Book value is cerebra integrated is 7.92 only
6. So my view is negative for cerebra integrated ltd.
7. I have no any share of cerebra integrated ltd.
key words:- buy sell hold target for cerebra integrated F&O nifty bse nse penny multi bagger

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  1. hai...this mohan from hyderabad...i read your research comment on different companies ...but i want to say something to consider only promoters stake and financial data,epc.why u consider company future expansions and etc.. if promoter stake reduced then share value is reduce to go down.why u consider cerebra integrated technology e-waste and other development of company. i want to say that sir you can read all the data about particular company. you can consider all data then after u can give that is good or's my formal request to you...thank for giving this opportunity for sharing my views.


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