Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi Mahesh,
I have been following ur blog for quite some time now…
I have 500 shares of mirc-electronics@ 30rs per share
Please advice, should I hold or book loss???

1. MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD is a 1 rupee face value share year low of this share is 15 and year high 30.30, I think you just trapped at year high and after this 20 % fall from year high I think this share am week now.
2. Promoter holding 55.11 % and FII holding 4.67 % is a good sign.
3. book value of this share is 18.04 I always advice my investor that they check share book value before buying.
4. mirc electronics is a dividend paying company; this is the dividend history of company
14/06/2010 Dividend - Rs. 0.95
11/08/2009 Dividend - Rs. 0.40
23/06/2008 Final Dividend - Rs. 1.00
26/03/2007 Interim Dividend - Rs. 0.75
20/09/2006 Dividend - Rs. 0.75
5. this is a reputed company for brand name of onida so I think if you hold it with patience then one day you get your price back.


  1. The cricket world cup next year in February-March is going to boost the sales of Televisions across India. I think that the TV sales will be at its highest in last 4 years during that time. Considering that the main product of MIRC Electronics is Onida, do you think that increase in sales will boost its share prices?

  2. anand ji
    yes this is right if sells increase then it also increase market sentiment EPS and share price


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