Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello Maheshji,
Please tell me the future of Globus spirits. I am a long term investor and can wait for many years 2,3,4,5 or 10 years ask pravesh jain
1. Globus spirits ltd is a Breweries & Distilleries company with 10 rupee face value.
2.Globus spirits make his new year high 197.40 on 23.07.2010 this share available @75 only in October 2009, I think you knew I never buy a stock on year high because when you buy on year high risk reward ratio is not in your favor, although technically it is believe that “technically sound share making new high” and they advice there investor to buy that share for fast fast return, but when these share show adverse movement then small player trap in these share because mostly small investor not follow stop loss theory. I always ask a question to my friends that “why you not buy these share on his year low?
Why you rush to buy on year high? Can it is wise to buy a share which already give 150% return in 6-9 months?
3. Sorry if you not like point 2 but remember “death is truth of life” and “crash is truth of market”
4. promoter holding 59.81 % in globus spirits FII holding 5.14 % company
5. in past history I think company never gives dividends but now company declare 1 rupee per share dividend.
6. in 22.06.2010 heavy bulk deals shown in this share and I think when big player exit from this share then it beaten down.
7. my view is negative in globus spirits, it is possible that share run technically from here but I not seen anything fundamentally for this pricing of globus spirits.
8. my holding is zero (nil) in globus spirit.
9. I never invest in tobacco wine and live stock company due to my spiritual thinking so it is possible that my view may wrong and over negative in this share.



  1. Thanks Mahesji for your valuable comments.

    I am already holding 10 shares @ 90. I sold 5 shares @190 on 23.07.2010 and now will sell remaining quantity as well.

    Also, please provide your view on SKS Microfinance.

  2. dear mahesh ji

    i want to invest in nitco tiles public share holding is very low in this script. i want to know your view on teldata informatic


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