Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tera software ltd :hold

Hello Sir,I came across your blog it is very interesting to see your unbiased analysis. Can you please let me know your views about Tera software and its future prospects on cmp?Regards Chithra

1.Tera software ltd give 2 per share rupees dividend ex-dividend date is 10.09.2009.
2.Promoters hold 38.68 percent share in terasoft and FII hold 5.35 percent and remaining share hold by general public so public share holding is a quite large but this is not so bad.
3.Terasoft make a profit 25.14 cr in June 09 quarter and company continue cut his costs and a downfall see in there expenditure in last 4 quarter.
4.Terasoft touch his fifty two week high at 50 in 24 Aug 2009 so share traded near about his year high.
5.I think this is a dividend paying growing software company and in Indian software sector a speculation is expected .
6.If you really a long term investor then wait for 2-3 year because such type of company that promoters holding is below 40 percent is a good buying target for large cap IT and if this happen you see a speculative high price with decent return for you.

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