Sunday, August 22, 2010


1.Panoramic universal ltd is an IT software company with 5 rupee face value.
2. Book value of panoramic universal is 12.21
3. company have good promoter holding of 74.40 percent and also give 1 rupee to 2.5 rupee dividend per year so shri ravinder vats ji ask me that what is the reason of company under performing.
4. ravinder ji panoramic universal give 5:1 bonus share recently ( 22 June 2010 ) this means 5 bonus share every 1 share held this bonus issue dilute company equity , dilute company EPS and also dilute coming dividends, so this is the reason of company underperforming.
5. we think after a big bonus issue any company enter in a rest period for 1-2 year read more detail about effect of bonus issue in
So I think you may wait 1 year before fresh rally in this share is start
6. I receive so many e mail per day but answer only 1 -2 mail per day so I feel sorry for all of you that you mail me but due to time shortage your reply is not publish. But your mail and faith give me a new energy for work I try my best to included maximum mail.

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